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SEO : More Than One Approach Is Most Reliable Approach

There has begun to be indeed a popular trend among recent Search Engine Optimization concentrate on one aspect of Search Engine Optimization and only one. Sadly this is one of the worst strategiesto SEO possible.

There are countless different options one can take in the course of method of search engine optimization. SEO is everything about trying to boost website traffic to your website, increasing exposure of your content, and trying to get as much internet popularity for your site as possible. This can be accomplished a number of different ways, including using keywords, tags, website format, as well as natural optimization achieved through word of mouth shares of your website content through social media sites. Because of the tons of different ways that one can easily optimize a website}, many people become overwhelmed and stop at some of the different important parts of SEO.

However, though all the elements of search engine optimization lumped together might seem to be mind-boggling, the fact still remains that they are crucial and should be included in all efforts, no matter just how necessary or perhaps unimportant they might seem to you.

Let’s look at a scenario:

Jimmy has been working extremely hard at optimizing his company’s website. He has indeed tried to include all pertinent key phrases, target the right audiences, as well as make his company’s visibility known through social networks websites. After a couple weeks of monitoring the results of all his workas well as evaluating traffic flow, Jimmy notices that most of his Internet traffic has actually been coming to his website as a result of one particular social networks site. Thus, Jimmy chooses to focus all his future work on keeping his website optimized for this one particular social networks site.

This strategy appears to work. Jimmy is actually working “smarter instead of harder”. He will not have to put in quite as much work yet he must still obtain the same results.

What Jimmy does not understand that is that isn’t good to base the entirety of your website’s future on one kind of Search Engine Marketing. What if something goes wrong with the social networks site? What if his company’s popularity falls on the social networks site? What happens if his company’s webpage on the social networks site gets shut down? What if traffic guidelines or advertising and marketing guidelines change? It isn’t good to base the well-being of your website on only one source. Who knows something might happen to it!

There is actually something else that Jimmy isn’t taking into account too: not everyone is using that particular social networks site. It might be actually true that the major viewers Jimmy is trying to target uses that particular social networks site, but if Jimmy focuses all his attentions on one site and one site alone he is actually ignoring a largely untapped viewers that might work as a large prospective client base. Sure, Jimmy might go ahead as well as only concentrate on the one social networks site that has actually revealed him results, yet, by overlooking all the additional resources, Jimmy is actually losing important customers. All he needs to do is to put in the time as well as effort.