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Offshore Corporations, Banking & Investments

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Offshore Corporations, Banking & Investments
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Offshore Corporations, Banking & Investments

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SQL Statement Optimization Strategies for Oracle Performance Tuning

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The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook

Learn from a SQL Server performance authority how to make your database run at lightning speed.

Ken England’s SQL Server 6.5 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook is recognized by SQL Server administrators as the indispensable guide to tuning and optimization. Now he’s revised the book for Microsoft’s new SQL Server 2000, the most advanced and powerful version yet of SQL Server, which takes full advantage of Windows 2000’s new processing capabilities. The book details the factors that determine database performance and offers readers tools, techniques and best practices they can use to tweak and tune SQL Server’s configuration and operation….

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook

Excellent Oracle performance tuning results can be achieved by performing SQL Optimization on individual SQL statements.

Guidelines for Oracle Performance Tuning with SQL Optimization

Proper tuning of SQL statements is the key to SQL optimization To determine which SQL statements to tune, you must go to the Oracle library cache. Extract the statements and order them depending on the amount of execution activity. You are now ready for the next steps of SQL optimization:

– Locate High-Impact SQL Statements
Rank the extracted SQL statement according to their number of executions. You should tune each statement by their ranking beginning with the ones with the most executions. You can realize a great deal of performance improvement by concentrating on these most frequently executed statements.

– Define the SQL Execution Plan
As you identify and rank the SQL statements, you will need to determine their execution plan by using either Oracle’s explain utility or another third-party solution. The execution paths of the statements will be run without the necessity of executing the SQL statements. After they are parsed, you can output the results to a plan table. You can now examine the execution paths to determine which statements are performing poorly.

– Tuning the Statements
Finally, after you have determined with SQL statements have under performing execution plans, you must tune those individual statement for better SQL optimization. The best way to tune the individual statements is rewrite them for efficient SQL usage.

Guidelines for Efficient SQL

Oracle Performance Tuning can be a long and complicated process, but writing efficient SQL is not. The rules for efficient SQL writing produce excellent results when followed precisely. Follow these guidelines for success:

– Replace complex subqueries with temporary tables where possible
– Use minus instead of EXISTS subqueries
– To decrease the number of times a table must be selected, try using the decode and case functions
– Reference columns with table aliases
– It may be counter-intuitive, but full-table scans are sometimes faster than index scans
– Never do a calculation on an indexed column unless you have a matching function-based index

There are, of course, many mare rules for more efficient SQL optimization but following these action steps can greatly improve your overall Oracle performance tuning results.

Using Slow Running Queries to Improve SQL Performance Tuning

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Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views (High Performance Sql Server)

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Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) are a significant and valuable addition to the DBA’s troubleshooting armory, laying bare previously unavailable information regarding the under-the-covers activity of your database sessions and transactions. Why, then, aren’t all DBAs using them? Why do many DBAs continue to ignore them in favour of “tried and trusted” tools such as sp_who2, DBCC OPENTRAN, and so on, or make do with the “ready made” reports built into SSMS? Why do even those that do use the DMVs speak wistfully about “good old sysprocesses”? There seem to be two main factors at…

Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views (High Performance Sql Server)

The speed at which queries are executed is one of the important factors in SQL performance tuning. Slow running queries can really handicap system performance. Before starting SQL Optimization efforts, it wise to identify slow running queries that may affect system performance.

The following issues are often found with the presence of slow running queries:

– Most queries should take very little time to execute. It is not uncommon for slow running queries to take up five minutes or longer to execute. When multiplied by the number of users and the number of queries trying to execute, you can easily see how these queries can really bog down a system.
– Spike CPU utilization to 90% or more. When queries are using so much of the CPU’s resources, other system operations are left with few resources.
– Stopping other users from competing their work. When a latch is placed on a piece of data, no one can access it. Other system users who are not accessing that specific query or batch process find themselves unable to do the work they wish to do.
– Necessitates a help center call. Obviously, the time to fix poorly performing queries is before an end user has to complain, but once they have, you must respond as quickly as possible.

Identifying Slow Running Queries

You now know what to look in your SQL Performance Tuning efforts, but where do you look? One of the best ways to find these sluggish queries is to use SQL Profiler or another third-party solution that can track queries by their execution speed. These wait-time statistics are an invaluable tool in determining the overall health of your monitored systems.

Direct performance measures are the best indicators to find slow running queries, but capturing contextual data will help you find the root causes behind their poor performance. SQL server instances receive queries in multiple forms, including stored procedures, batches of queries, and individual queries. It is important that you know what events you want to capture so that you can capture all three forms in which a slow running query may appear.

Getting The Most From Search Engine Optimization Packages Through Social Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization Package 4

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Package Four (4).
Search Engine Optimization is the process of applying knowledge and skills of how search engine works to make sites easier to find and become popular on the web among the target audiences. In other words, SEO is one of the best marketing tools that can help make your website get to the top of search engines when someone search for products or services your are offering.
Search Engine Marketing is the most dynamic, highly targeted and measurable marketing strategy that give power and effective popularity to your online business. Our SEM experts…

Search Engine Optimization Package 4

You can say good bye to the days of social marketing world that’s separated from the search engine optimization world. The constant rise in social marketing and the competitive patterns of search marketing have made it important for search marketing agencies to include a strong social marketing strategy in their search engine optimization packages.

For search marketers to be successful in 2012 they need to understand that the line between social media and SEO is diminishing quickly. Social media has becomes extremely popular in society and social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to participate and advertise. Social media has grown so that many businesses are making social media mandatory in their marketing strategies. Social signals already have an effect on search engine results. Major search engines have already made this fact public on several occasions.

Plus, search engines are holding back information in their search results, they now display both personal (when logged into the corresponding account) and public information in their search results. Bing and Facebook are currently partners, Bing now adds personalization to their search results by including posts from friends or companies you “like” that are related to the topic being searched. Google’s launch of “Google plus your world” now allows for content from your Google+ account and circle to appear in search results.

This evolution of search gives businesses better opportunities for news and information to appear across online platforms. By joining in, creating and promoting conversations about your company, industry, products or services you can not only communicate better with your target demographic, you can have a stronger influence on how your website ranks in search results.

Google’s “Google plus your world” and Facebook’s partnership with Bing are forcing your social media efforts and your SEO program to work together and is becoming an essential piece in search engine optimization packages. If these strategies are working together properly the audience will get a cohesive message throughout every outlet, increasing brand awareness, lead generation and potentially sales. Businesses will see better results in their SEO programs now and in the future in their search engine optimization packages are socially acceptable.