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If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide, What Do You Need Privacy For?

If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide, What Do You Need Privacy For?

Privacy spy 

Privacy is not meant for you, you innocent lamb, it’s for us your lords and masters. So you know; when moving value in the form  of money, be sure to report all the transaction details to the appropriate state agency.

And don’t you worry about the billions of dollars in secret expenses over which we exert full control and you do none or the secret operations conducted by our intelligence services so generously fund with your money, or the billions of dollars that we, your leaders, and our associates, keep in tax havens outside the law. Don’t be mad just remember laws haven’t been created for us, they have been created for you, our sweet little lamb. But you should know by know …

Don’t you be asking any questions though, or else we’ll have to put your name on the list of suspects. We know you must be up to something? … Confess! You want to escape inflation? Worried about “legal” confiscation? Don’t you know that without these “legal” instruments your beloved currency would seize to circulate and the economy would collapse? Yes, you do, deep down you do know that everything we do we do it for your sake.

Now go back to your little job and insignificant life, little lamb. You have nothing to fear. Just trust us your management government officials, accredited journalists and powers that be  … After all, why would you need privacy if you’ve got nothing to hide?