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Hypnosteps: PROSPERITY ATTRACTION Guided Hypnosis & NLP Reviews

Hypnosteps: PROSPERITY ATTRACTION Guided Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosteps HypnoSeries produces self-hypnosis audio recordings with advanced hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques designed to create positive change in thought and behavior patterns! By listening to these recordings daily you can create changes at the subconscious level, for quick and immediate results.

Prosperity Attraction guides you through a relaxing hypnosis session designed to increase your prosperity set-point, which allows you to recognize and accept abu

List Price: $ 23.95

Price: $ 19.95

“Create What You Want” Crystal Grid – More Money and Financial Success

  • Included: One aligned clear quartz crystal, one crystal grid printed on a 5×7″ card, and one crystal carrying pouch. Detailed instructions for using the grid are printed on the back of the package.
  • Each “Create What You Want” Crystal Grid contains a hand-picked, awakened, and programmed clear quartz crystal and a synergistic grid that will help you direct the healing and spiritual energy of the crystal toward manifesting your desired intentions.
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Money can be a beautiful ally for having more freedom, security, and fun in your life. Financial responsibility and success helps build your self-esteem and brings peace.

This crystal grid has been created and programmed to help you create and allow more money and financial success into your life. It does this, by working to release your resistances and fears at the basic, energy level. Everyone deserves, it is up to you to allow and heal your personal issues. This grid can help incredibl

Price: $ 23.95

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