Prepaid Offshore Debit Card: Take Control of Your Finances

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The global financial crisis that has nearly incapacitated the economies of the world has brought insurmountable havoc and confusion to the still bewildered people, of all walks of life. Truly, none was spared by the dreaded menace. Thousands are losing jobs; inflation is at its peak and the dollar is slowly losing its worth; commodities are rapidly rising in prices; homeowners are being driven out of their homes; and bank accounts are being frozen – the world is in a serious financial hell, and America is in the center.

Financial control is nowhere near the hands of Americans, it can even be said that the financial crisis is controlling them. The Americans, that before couldn’t care less about budgeting, now need to plan their spending, or else they will not be able to survive these tough times. But they are finding peril on deciding what is best to do with the little money they have left. With the numerous bills that have to be paid, declining earnings and the ever persistent taxes, people are aware that they could lose everything in one fell swoop.

Amidst the crisis, one thing is being sought more than anything else, security over one’s finances. People are looking for better ways to ensure the safety of their precious money. Before, onshore banks and other onshore financial institutions were considered the safest place to keep money, but today is a different case. With the federal government already losing billions in insurances for bankrupt banks, the remaining banks have been granted the power to freeze bank accounts more easily than before. And so it seems, that money isn’t safe anywhere.

The Panama laws however, have brought new hope into the safekeeping of money. The primary cause for the creation of the Panama laws is to protect the rights, and the deposits of people keeping cash deposits on foreign banks, to encourage offshore banking. Under the Panama laws, offshore depositors cannot in any way be compelled by their home government to divulge any information regarding their offshore deposits. Also, the home government of the offshore banker cannot in any way look into the records of the offshore depositor’s offshore bank accounts. In other words, offshore bank accounts are now considered fully confidential.

With the government having no form of access, offshore banks accounts are therefore absolutely risk free of being frozen. And another unintended use of offshore bank accounts is what has gotten the attention of so many, that is, hiding money offshore. Since offshore bank accounts cannot be looked into by the offshore depositor’s government they are the most effective ways of concealing money, hence safely being able to not declare the activities from which such money came from. Thus, keeping money in an offshore bank account is an effective way of avoiding taxes.

The problem however, is how one would access his offshore bank account conveniently and cheaply. The solution is quite simple; have your offshore bank account linked to a prepaid offshore debit card. To make things easier, you may choose an offshore bank that offers a prepaid offshore debit card along with its offshore bank account.

The prepaid offshore debit card is the new king of the electronic payment system after beating the international debit card that has reigned for so long. The prepaid offshore debit card is a plastic card embossed with the MasterCard or Visa symbol that signifies its worldwide acceptance. It can be used in making payments the same way as a credit card, only better. Credit cards allow the cardholder to spend money he is yet to have, which he pays at a later date with hefty interests.  Credit cards also have high monthly charges. Prepaid offshore debit cards however allow the cardholder to spend only up to the balance of the related offshore bank account, and charges no monthly or annual fees and has very minimal interests.

The prepaid offshore debit card can also be connected to a real or virtual offshore bank account. It is like a key that can be used to keep track of the offshore account as well as withdraw cash from it via any ATM outlet worldwide. Using a prepaid offshore debit card is generally safer that carrying cold cash and more convenient than using personal checks.

Prepaid offshore debit cards also offer the offshore cardholder the option to keep card anonymous, not embedding in the card any information about the holder, but rather a code or company name, in case the debit card is for business purposes. This greatly reduces the risk of identity theft and thus removes any threat of the card being used fraudulently by unknown third parties.

The most advanced prepaid offshore debit card providers have a SIM card in their packages. The said SIM card is linked to the offshore bank account and offshore debit card. It enables the holder to keep track and access his account through his mobile phone, providing the greatest convenience possible. Even better providers allow the holders to use the SIM card to make overseas calls and have the costs charged directly to the offshore bank account, at a very small fraction of the cost.

Hide your money in your very own offshore bank account now and keep track of it using your offshore debit card and offshore SIM card. Get the 2-GetCash now that comes with a virtual private offshore bank account and a SIM card. The SIM card not only offers 400 free call minutes but also allows access to your very own voice over internet protocol account that allows international calls at very low prices.

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Volunteer abroad scams

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Volunteers who are abroad like other travelers are bound to fall victim of scams. There are people who are out there looking for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting travelers. They come up with lies and scams to steal money from volunteers who are abroad. As an international volunteer it is wise to be aware of the scams are out there and to avoid them. This article is to help current and potential volunteers to avoid being scammed or taken advantage of while they are abroad.  Here are common scams and how to avoid them when the volunteers are going abroad:

Volunteer service organizations

Volunteer service organizations; companies; ethical travel companies; travel agents are all great organizations that help individuals to go to volunteer abroad. They take care of everything for the volunteers, from accommodation, meals to the project they will be working in. For the volunteers who agree to use these organizations should be cautious as there are organizations out there that run scams. These organizations come up with volunteer programs or projects that have no value to the volunteers. They charge volunteers high fees and they leave the volunteer to take care of themselves. The volunteers find themselves in a host country without any support, poor services and dealing with unprofessionalism. To avoid such scams, the volunteers should vet each organization that they choose to use carefully, talk to past volunteers and listen to other peoples recommendations.

Taxi scams

Every traveler has fallen victim to this scam. This scam is common because many of the volunteers are new to the country and they are not aware of the fares. This normally happens when they board a taxi and they are overcharged by the driver. The common lies the taxi driver tells volunteers are the meter is broken; doesn’t take the volunteer to his destination claiming that they have forgotten where the place is;  and they inflate the taxi fare. To avoid these scams: use a reputable company; use taxi stands; go by the meter; ask a tourist or a hotel, hostel for fares and recommendations; get the price upfront before boarding; and carry small bills. Apart from taxi scams, volunteers might have problems paying for fares in public or private buses. The conductors and the drivers conspire to overcharge the volunteers. To avoid this before the volunteers boards the bus they should find out how much it costs and carry small bills only.

Credit card scams

This happens everywhere but it is more common in Europe. These scams occur when the volunteer swipes his credit card on a tiny machine which records information from the cards magnetic strip. These machines are cheap and easy to buy. With the volunteers’ information fraudsters or scammers wait for a couple of months and they start swindling money from the volunteers or in some cases they start swindling money as soon as possible. The people who are behind the scams are waiters and shopkeepers. Other ways of credit card scams are through:  stolen credit cards, ATMs which swallow credit cards; and fraudulent people who stand by ATMs claiming to be bank officials. To avoid being scammed this way, the volunteers should use credit cards as opposed to debit cards because it is easier to recover the money that has been lost. In addition, the volunteers should immediately report any stolen cards and suspicious activity of their bank accounts.


When the volunteer is about to buy an item they should realize that the seller will try to take advantage for them because they are foreigners. The shopkeepers normally inflate the price up to four times because they know the volunteers do not know the actual price. As a result the volunteers should always haggle or negotiate to get the best price. As a principle the volunteers should ask for a quarter of the asking price this way the seller will know they are not new to that place. Also the volunteer should say they have been to that country a number of times and that they are new to the area.

Zablon Mukuba is the Director of Volunteer Capital Centre (VCC) the leading provider of quality and affordable volunteer abroad work programs and opportunities in third world countries. For more information and great deals on volunteering abroad visit

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How Important Are Computer Drivers

The most important part of any OS of a PC system are the computer drivers. The drivers store all needed commands for the most basic function of the computer such as the motherboard, database, operating system, and peripherals the computer needs to function. Installing the right drivers is important if you want your PC to function correctly once you’ll finish the setup of the operating system and the core hardware. Most devices will have their drivers pre-installed when you’ll buy them. Don’t remove, update or even modify existing drivers unless you do have very good knowledge about them. Unnecessary modifications may be difficult to correct. Here Driver Detective Review you will read more about Driver Detective.

The main goal of drivers is to simplify programming. They will act as a translator between the OS (operating system) and the hardware. Drivers accept generic high-level codes from devices such as a keyboard or a printer, and break the codes down to low-level codes to operate the device. Such codes will be kept in the kernel or central component of the OS (operating system). There are good things about having loadable drivers. You can load them when required, and disable them when not using them so you will keep the kernel memory. No matter the superstructure or underlying hardware, programmers can write high-level app codes independently. In such a way, it will allow the device to interface with the system. Check here Toshiba Drivers to know more about Toshiba Drivers.

Drivers functions in a highly privileged environment. Disaster can happen if such drivers are making an error. If a PC reaches some unsafe condition, then it will show some fatal system error message. To find and to install missing/corrupt/outdated drivers is the solution. So it is simple to find out the drivers in the system. This process is a straightforward one. You will find such device drivers’ packages part on the manufacturer websites besides the ones of your PC. Simply open the control panel on the device to check what drivers are installed, and to see which ones will need to be updated or removed. Occasionally, the drivers ought to be inspected to see if they need updated, or are corrupt, before a system error message is displayed. First, click on the driver then the PC hardware and the Internet will finish the work. Manually update the drivers, if knowledgeable, but is not recommended.

A Lack of Proactive Fraud Prevention Measures Sends an Invitation to the Fraudster

There is no correct answer to the question of how much fraud protection is enough. Fraud will always happen no matter how much effort we put in. However, to ignore a few basic rules amounts to an open invitation to the fraudster that there are no effective fraud prevention measures in place.

Estimates put out by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in their Address to the Nation indicated that on average US companies lost 5% of their turnover to fraud. This wastage is more than many companies make as profit! Some estimates put the level of losses due to fraud in the UK at up to

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