Acai Berry scams

The Acai Berry has been found to provide exceptional results in aiding weight loss and improving general health but unfortunately this impressive product has become associated with several Acai Berry scams which have affected a large number of people in recent months.

Whilst the Acai Berry is a very good product with genuine results, there are numerous of unreputable companies seeking to exploit the unsuspecting consumer. It is crucial for consumers to be wise in their purchase and take advantage of all available information like the article entitled ‘Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Acai Berry Scam.’ Equipped with such information consumers can make a wise and informed decision when choosing the berry in order not to become victim to one of the following Acai Berry scams outlined below.

Acai Berry cleanse scam: The Acai Berry cleanse scam persuaded consumers that they were receiving a free trial of the Acai Berry product, the thing that was not clear was consumers had to cancel the transaction in a certain time frame to avoid this becoming a pricey reoccurring order. These details were rather well hidden within the terms and conditions, plus the companies were often impossible to contact. With one of these scams the customer was tied into a lasting contract, with little possibility of cancelling. If an offer looks like it’s too good to be true then it most likely is, so to be safe it is best to avoid any Acai Berry retailer that has free trial periods.

Acai Berry detox scam: The Acai Berry detox scam also promised customers a free trial with only shipping to pay. Many consumers found themselves with a bill for an extra $87.00 in addition to the shipping and few ever received the product. Again, to be protected against such Acai Berry scams, customers should avoid any offer that promises a free trial of the Acai Berry as it is likely such an offer is a scam.

Acai Berry extract ratio scam: Here Acai Berry extract is claimed to be as successful as pure Acai Berry. Such offers promote 1000mg capsules as being powerful health supplements but in reality the capsule merely has the value of a 500mg pill but is effectively concentrated to produce a greater volume of Acai Berry supplement. However, Acai Berry extract has a reduced anti-oxidant capability and is nowhere near as effective as pure Acai Berry. Customers should therefore be cautious, to avoid Acai Berry scams by avoiding the extract and always selecting pure Acai Berry.

To make sure you do not fall foul to the Acai Berry scams we have come up with a guide “Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Acai Berry Scam”. It is crucial that consumers remember to be cautious in picking a company from which to buy the Acai Berry and avoid offers that offer free trials, recurring billing or Acai Berry extract so as not to become victim to one of the Acai Berry scams. Have a look at independant review sites, the names of bogus sites are as likely to crop up as frequently as the genuine ones, that provide a great product and service.

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Facebook Advertisements Tactics That Are The Most Powerful

Have you thought about acquiring targeted online traffic from other places aside from the major search engines. No, we are not referring to Youtube where you need to invest some time and effort to produce some form of viral video clips. We’re looking at the increasingly popular social media network Facebook. Your business may be targeting at just about any specialized niche, from supplying business cards online to marketing window blinds to providing free motor vehicle insurance estimates, you can benefit considerably from advertising in Facebook. Facebook is one of the best social networks online today and has virtually no competition. Facebook clearly dominates the internet and that means that it is heaven for advertisers and promoters. There are tons of users on Facebook waiting to be targeted with precision–something you need to start doing if you haven’t done so already. It doesn’t matter which product or service you need to promote, there is an audience for it on Facebook. This article tells you what Facebook can offer you and how you can take advantage of that.

Other factors such as where you are sending your traffic also plays a role in the effectiveness of a Facebook ad that is completely independent of the ad itself.

Even though Facebook ads work great in driving traffic to any page, the conversions definitely depend on what this page is. Creating a fan page on Facebook and sending people there instead of directly to your site is a more effective approach to getting the best ROI. Are you wondering why? Doesn’t Facebook generate results for sites? It is effective and many have great results but to see fast growth and maximize your results this is the best way. Since people know fan pages on Facebook quite well, it is easier for them to make a connection when the reach one. Since people don’t have to do anything else except click the ‘like’ button, you will find that your conversions will soar. Staying in touch with your fan base, once you have one, is easy through Facebook. You might run into a few snags when working with Facebook’s ad platform. If you need help, don’t be too hasty, because the Facebook system has a learning curve, much like anything else online. Instead, seek assistance from Facebook itself by bookmarking the ‘Ad Help Center’ on the site, where you can get direct answers for your questions right from Facebook itself. You can get answers to virtually any question in the ‘Ad Help Center’ because it is a comprehensive information resource. Having such a vast resource of knowledge at your finger tips can definitely make your journey easier, so why ignore it? Unfortunately, there will be times where you have to rely on your own instincts because you can’t always depend on the ‘Ad Help Center’, which means you have to find the perfect balance between the help provided and your own gut instinct.

Facebook has great metrics but if you do not know what they mean you will probably get really confused about some things. As one example, when you look at your Facebook Ads Insights Dashboard you’ll see something named “Action” and this number is how many fans your ad has received. When you pay attention to your metrics, you should have plenty of lasting success within the Facebook advertising system. Paying attention helps you improve your campaigns as they need improving. We can clearly come to understand that in order to make the most out of Facebook advertising, it’s really important that you focus on all the important factors such as how your ad is created, the quality of the product you’re promoting, the landing page you’re using, etc. So what it all comes down to is the approach you take with each of the campaigns you want to run. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that Facebook like any other advertising platform does have a learning curve, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find success with it. Take action and see what happens!

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Using Offshore Credit Cards to Repatriate Funds

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One of the problems most investors come across once they have moved offshore is how to repatriate their offshore funds.

Sending wires directly back to your home bank account could involve dangerous invasions of privacy whereas physically going to your offshore bank and withdrawing cash may also breach customs restrictions and invite the risk of theft.

For larger payments, you could ask your offshore bank to wire funds directly to the vendor but the time and effort this involves would not be appropriate for smaller sums.

It is widely recognized that the easiest way of spending your offshore money is with an offshore credit or debit card. An offshore Visa or Mastercard will allow you access to your offshore funds from pretty much any where in the world. Here are some typical features of offshore cards:

Offshore Credit Card – Almost all good offshore credit cards are secured. This means that along with the offshore credit card application you will have to deposit a certain amount (usually 100-150% of the credit line) to use one. For a credit line of 10,000USD at 150%, you would need to deposit 15,000 USD for example. Although this means that they are not strictly credit cards, it does mean that credit checks are not required as with most onshore credit cards.

Furthermore, you can expect from an offshore credit card the same privileges as for any major credit card such as cash advances, car rental benefits, insurance, and travel freebies.

Unsecured offshore credit cards are not issued by offshore banks except to well-known clients. Due to the global nature of offshore banking, credit checks would be too complicated and the risk of non-payment too great.

The vast majority of ‘unsecured’ offshore credit cards are scams, because such credit lines would simply not be offered without extensive KYC. Most unsuspecting investors who are lured into unsecured credit card schemes end up paying an initial card registration fee and then never hearing from the ‘bank’ or ‘offshore service provider’ again.

Offshore Debit Card – Offshore debit cards function in almost the same way as secured credit cards, the difference being you can only spend what is actually funded on the card. The advantage is that they will offer the same privileges, benefits and worldwide acceptance as a major international credit card.

Where can I Use an Offshore Credit Card?

Although many successfully use their offshore credit cards there are some pitfalls associate with their use. For example a US citizen has recently ended up in court charged with tax evasion because he used his offshore card to buy luxuries in the US with un-taxed dollars from an offshore account.

Many people use offshore credit cards in their home countries, however this man did not count on there being video cameras in 400 of the cash points he visited. It is difficult to disprove video being caught on camera using a card with your name on it.

It is still possible to use offshore credit cards at home as long as certain precautions are taken, and if possible, a corporate or even an un-embossed offshore card is used. A corporate card for example can be used to legally pay for equipment, expenses or employee salaries for your offshore company.

Personal offshore credit cards can still be usefully employed on holiday, or if you travel abroad regularly. Using the card abroad will carry less risk than using it at home, while you can still enjoy the benefits of your tax-free nest egg.

So next time you’re out with your buddies, you can whip out your offshore Visa or Mastercard and graciously pick up the tab….They only have to know that you’re doing so out of the tax savings from your offshore account if you choose to tell them. But be careful, envy is a dangerous thing! 🙂

Capital Conservator has more than a decade of experience in helping people to move and grow their assets offshore. Capital Conservator offers a range of , the most popular being the Platinum card which offers a 10,000EUR daily limit and can be used in 170 countries, 1 million ATMs and 3 million merchants worldwide within the Platinum card network.

Patrick Winters is an offshore banking consultant based in Uruguay, South America. He writes and advises for offshore banking house Capital Conservator. The Capital Conservator Group has more than a decade of experience helping people to transfer and protect their assets offshore.

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