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Payrolls: Trend Extrapolations for May; Review of April Numbers

The "trend extrapolations" which are presented here are not forecasts by ShadowStats but rather mathematical trends in the BLS seasonal-adjustment process which we have replicated.  (Please see our full explanation of BLS Payroll Seasonal-Adjustment.)
We believe these data help put into context the significance of the reported monthly numbers. The trend extrapolation also seems to be […]

Your email at yahoo, gmail or hotmail is plain and outright stupid

If your privacy is anything worth to you you need to take action asap and drop those ‘free’ services.

You might have noticed recent news reports about how a US court forced Google first to block an innocent user’s private e-mail account, then reveal that person’s identity – all because a careless bank employee accidentally e-mailed sensitive data to that Gmail account. This case certainly demonstrates why anyone who values their privacy would be better off keeping their e-mail on offshore e-mail servers.

Here at, we have checked out the market for highly secure, encrypted and private email systems which are not hosted on mainstream servers of the privacy invading nations. But first let’s look a little more about how using an offshore e-mail account can protect your online privacy. Maybe you are concerned about the privacy of your financial communications. More likely, you simply value your freedom and don’t want Big Brother looking over your shoulder. I don’t have much confidence in the US court system, but even I was amazed to read about this severe intrusion on a user’s privacy.

Imagine the inconvenience of having your e-mail account blocked because just somebody sent you an e-mail by mistake – something you most likely deleted believing it to be spam. Well that’s exactly what happened. News reports indicate that the court issued an order, insisting that Google block the e-mail account in question, then reveal whether the account was still active and whether the data in question had been viewed. And if the account was active, the order continued, Google was required to hand over the account holder’s identity and contact information. Google, to their credit, did fight the case – but lost. The plaintiffs, Rocky Mountain Bank (who let’s remember were entirely responsible for the error in the first place) even had the nerve to try to hush everything up: they filed a motion to seal the entire case on the grounds that if the information became public, “it would create panic and result in a surge of inquiries from customers.” Fortunately the court rejected this motion. “The case underlines what should be obvious to Google watchers,” comments Cade Metz, writing in The Register.

“Though the company vows to protect your personal data, it can be compelled by court order or subpoena or natural security letter to divulge such info. And then there’s the judge’s ill-advised decision to order the deactivation of a bystander’s email account.” And therein lies the problem, to which offshore e-mail is the solution. Please check out the HSM – High Security Mail – the safest we could find.

As soon as the account is set up, you will be able to log in to the control panel and change your password. It’s worth pointing out the difference between this account and your regular free e-mail account. The main difference is that this account is accessible not only via SSL encrypted webmail, but also by secure IMAP and POP. You can also send messages from your favorite e-mail software without revealing the IP address you are connected from. And on top it has built in PGP, you just create your key pair and then are set to send and receive encrypted email. Shortly, our colleagues will be offering a suite of premium communication services, such as encrypted Voice over IP (VOIP) or the possibility to host your own domain on our offshore secure servers.You will also have a chance to go ” Beyond Encryption” with a secure USB advice that routes your communications entirely via a private, encrypted offshore server. For more on this, please e-mail the office and ask to be put on our list of interested parties – that way we can let you know as soon as these services are available. Also be sure to tell us in your e-mail if you have any specific communications requirements.

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