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Cash Gifting Scams-Cash Gifting Scams RED FLAGS

Cash King Frank Poretta, Leading The Wise To Wealth

You hear a lot about cash gifting scams but the actuality is there are amateurish cash gifting mentors that are attempting to pass themselves off as cash gifting experts that make cash gifting appear more like a total scam unfortunatley. Regrettably, they’ve bought into an automated system and in someway they feel they’re an authority because they think they have all they need in this automated back office system but in reality it has little to do with true marketing for targeted leads. The fact remains that back office tutorials and training will never replace being trained by a talented internet marketing savvy cash gifting mentor. These people create the cash gifting scams mystique because people get let down when the support just isn’t there because the inviter just points them back to the flawed automated system and say’s it’s all their and neglects supporting you properly. You can surely avoid cash gifting scams by asking the right questions and staying away from these automated systems. I’m not saying I don’t use some really high end software for me and my members to use that makes things a lot easier but the tricks of the trade just aren’t in the software, believe me it’s not. Therefore this really is a great way to approach choosing a cash gifting program by making sure they make the personal 1 on 1 training first and the automation last.
The majority of these cash gifting programs themselves are not attempting to scam anyone nevertheless if the cash gifting program neglects to take 1 on 1 coaching seriously then you will end up feeling prey to a cash gifting scams and or scammed in the end caused by insufficient support. It’s not a cash gifting scams however it indeed feels like you have been scammed. I do know this for a fact because I’ve joined several cash gifting programs years back in which the cash gifting mentor did not provide much support other than give me what I like to call busy work. Cash gifting scams can be explained as single individuals putting up a site and taking people’s money and merely providing them with a website and no support because they themselves have never been trained so they take advantage of people that need a great deal of help and have not done much investigation bu means of the cash gifting program itself.
Cash gifting scams like these are very easy t spot because the inviter cannot prove to you that the programs has been around for awhile and some very basic internet marketing question will stump them. Also, they’re generally fast talkers and brag about how well there’re doing which is a major red flag. Bear in mind, you should never feel like someone is trying to sell you because that is not how cash gifting is supposed to work and this is really a tell tale sign of cash gifting scams. Cash Gifting scams are either really cheap to gift into or very expensive and there is a difference between. The really cheap ones have no support and the automated system is extremely outdated and you will learn no tricks or quality marketing tactics. Now, the really expensive are also cash gifting scams for the reason that they give the sense that more is better and that you can receive larger sums of cash making seem very appealing. But, these programs take a lot of selling to persuade somebody to fork up 6k or more and cash gifting should not need to be sold. These kinds of cash gifting scams give cash gifting a very bad reputation but cash gifting does work and with some elbow grease and the right cash gifting program and mentor you can avoid cash gifting scams completely and develop into a success.

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Cash King Frank Poretta is a cash gifting marketing veteran with nearly a decade of internet marketing experience. Frank specializes in coaching people who are completely new to Internet business. He provides highly effective training and exclusive marketing techniques to his team, many of which have become very successful online entrepreneurs. If you have the WILL, Frank will show you the way.

The are more unskilled cash gifting mentors than there are cash gifting scams as a whole. People fall prey to this all in one fancy website abck office system and forget that the real nitty gritty and tricks of the trade come from a skilled interent marketing savvy cash gifting mentor and they are out there because you just found one..

The Google Cash Sniper Scam

The Google Cash Sniper Scam

The Google Cash Sniper Scam does it exist? I’m sure many of you will have seen the articles on “The Google Cash Sniper scam” and questioning its authenticity as a home business opportunity. One thing I’d like to clear up before we go any further is The Google Cash Sniper scam doesn’t exist! So hopefully you will not waste any more of your time searching “The Google Cash Sniper Scam”.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: My Experience

I was sceptical at first and was asking myself the question does the Google Cash Sniper Scam exist. I was actually offered to try the program out for free. So it could be proven to me that the Goggle Cash Sniper Scam doesn’t exist. After a months trial period having made a very good profit on what would have been my initial investment (had I not been fortunate enough to get the months free offer) I can safely say there is no such thing as the Google Cash Sniper Scam!

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: The Product

The product itself is composed of different modules, each module provides you with clear and simple instructions on how to build a successful career online. Some of the things in the program I was already familiar with (I’ve been Internet Marketing for sometime now) and others were brand new concepts which have really boosted my sales across not only my Google Cash Sniper campaigns but the campaigns I was running prior to using Google Cash Sniper, so there are definitely some things you can learn from Google Cash Sniper that you won’t see elsewhere! It was when these new techniques worked that I was convinced that there is no such thing as the Google Cash Sniper Scam.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: The Modules

Google Cash Sniper consists of the following modules:

Keyword Module
Content Module
SEO Module
Link Building Module
Web 2.0 Module
Tools Module

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Keyword Module

This module show you how to find profitable niches, the suitable keywords for those niches and how to spy on your competition so you can adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly, stay one step ahead of them and increase your profits.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Content Module

This module teaches you about writing your web page content. It shows you how to construct pages and write content that will have people going crazy for the products you offer.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: SEO Module

This is the module that shows you how to get your site top rankings on all of the major search engines including Google (Top Google rakings = $$$$). This module gained the Google cash sniper creator Chris Fox a fair amount of notoriety, as he used the system outlined to outrank in the Google listings super affiliate Frank Kern using the name of one of Frank Kerns product as his keyword.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Link Building Module

This module shows you exactly where to go and what you need to do to get the crucial back links to your site which gets your sites to the top of Google rankings even more quickly.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Web 2.0 Module

This module shows you how to use Web 2.0 sites to out rank even the highest authority sites on the search engines (Google) as we know the higher up you are on Google.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Tools Module

This is the exclusive module of goggle Cash Sniper and will only be available to those who wish to sign up to it. This module will gain you access to the members’ area and every tool Chris Fox personally uses to make his online business extremely successful.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Conclusion

The Google Cash Sniper Scam is a myth!. Google Cash Sniper is very good value for money and delivers on all it promises. If you follow the clear instructions you will be making profit in no time. It teaches you how to build a successful business online which in my mind is only the further evidence The Google Cash Sniper Scam is a myth.

The Google Cash Sniper Scam: Comparison

If you’re now convinced the Google Cash sniper Scam doesn’t exist and want to see how it compares with the top competition see my review of the Top Internet Marketing products, just click on the link below:

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Avoid work from home scams and find real work at home jobs online

How to avoid work from home scams

Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty because when I started looking for home-based jobs I kept running into all types of scams.  So I am assuming that you have reached this page because many of the opportunities you have come across were schemes such as multi-level marketing, chain letters, envelope stuffing, craft assembly, data-entry, rebate processing, auto-pilot computer programs, programs such as google tree and money tree that claims you only pay a few dollars to get started and then charge you monthly without your permission.  Yeah been there, don’t that.  I have lost so much money investing into these internet frauds, I could have bought a used car by now.

Ways to avoid work from home scams

First of all, anyone promising you overnight success is definitely a scam.  A program that runs on auto-pilot with little or no work or effort on your behalf is definitely a scheme.  Do you really expect to make a $1000 overnight?  If that was true, don’t you think many more people would be involved and quitting their day jobs left and right?  Come on…  Don’t waste your time on work from home schemes such as these.

It’s hard to avoid work from home scams as many internet con artists prey on desperate internet surfers in need of making extra money from home.  This could apply to stay at home moms, disabled or elderly  individuals, college students, or single parents.  They know who to target…and most of the time, you will fall for their schemes.

So, how can I avoid work from home scams, really?

Well, for one thing, if you are going to try a company out…do your research using Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Type the ‘company name’ and the word ‘scam”  into a Google search engine.  After you have done that, go to BBB; however all good companies will not be listed with BBB and that does not necessarily mean that the company is a scam.  Avoid all the tempting ads floating on the side of the Google search engine, most of these are scams.

The best way to avoid work from home scams is to visit homejobstopcom.  This is a reputable company that I use myself.  They have an entire staff dedicated to hand-screening home-based jobs to help avoid work from home scams.

How will this company help me to avoid work from home scams?

 I like this company because they do not serve advertisements on their website, they do not allow schemes such as mlm, chain letters, rebate processing, or automated income programs within their database.  You get an exclusive lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $24…and they even send you screened work from home job leads to you personal email account.

So, is homejobstop worth the cost? 

Consider this…you are going to waste much more time and money trying to find a legit opportunity online and chances are you will probably be scammed by a few companies that don’t deliver what they claim.  Homejobstop is your safe-zone and for the prize of a large pizza you can have access to a scam-free work from home database for a lifetime with no recurring fees ever.  You have my word on that.  This is the only place I have went to (in my five year search for work from home jobs) to completely avoid work from home scams, unwanted advertisements, and other schemes.

If you are ready to avoid work from home scams and find real home-based jobs, then you should definetely try this company out.  I’d hate to see you waste your money in other ways and I’d rather see you earn some real cash from real telecommuting companies. 

Success to you from a real work at home mom who was able to avoid work from home scams, finally,


Shannon is a work from home mother with extensive knowledge on how to work from home. Her articles are published on various sites throughout the internet venture with advice, tips, and resources for individuals interested in working from home.

May The Governing Administration Support All Of Us With Debt Settlement Scams?

Does the notion of participating in a debt settlement program scare you? With all the dreadful mass media regarding the debt settlement industry it’s easy to undestand. With the down economy and credit crunch in full swing more people are in need of credit card debt settlement solutions; nevertheless the concern is the industry is known for a standing of being packed with fraudulent organizations.

Are you feeling curious about the way to spot these firms? Are you also aware of the recent Federal Trade Commission rulings that had been built to control the debt settlement industry?

In advance fees were one of the top reasons the credit card debt relief marketplace grew to become so full of scammers . Greedy debt settlement companies were ruthlessly signing up as many people onto their package as doable, the only thing on their heads has been profit not necessarily the end result for their clientele.

As of the present moment this is now an alternative tale, by last year the FTC ratified unique restrictions against the debt settlement industry. The main improvement is that no more are unsecured debt settlement businesses able to impose their settlement expenses prior to really paying off their customers account.

For that individual being affected by financial debt this may come as good information. In essense overnight the debt relief world clear itself of the scam operations. If you consider it why would a scammer stay in the debt relief business nowadays? No longer can these people simply take expenses and run, never carrying it out, and paying off their customers account.

Keep this awareness in mind when conversing to any debt relief suppliers from this point forward. If they’re aiming to register you and are looking for in advance fees then hang up. One of the best strategies to detect a “scam” organization, other than them getting straight up expenses, is when they attempt to force you into enrolling.

The first function of a debt expert should be to review and comprehend your distinct financial situation, and additionally review all the various debt relief options out there, not merely debt settlement. Immediately after identifying that you are a nice applicant for the debt settlement procedure only next should an expert persist forwards showing you about their plan.

The Federal Trade Commission in addition has taken steps to make sure debt relief companies will offer you “full disclosure”. Which in turn means they are doing the things I just mentioned earlier on, both going over your needs and all the available alternatives.

In case you have identified yourself to be stuck in a horrible debt circumstance and feel that debt settlement may perhaps be the most suitable choice then I ask you to contact us at Prestige Financial Solutions.

Our initial concern is to know about your needs and then consider which options could possibly be best suited for you. We also are already productively using the PAYS Pay As You Settle program at this moment for over 2 years. You won’t spend a nickel towards our fee until just after we have achieved a settlement on your behalf.

Does A Person Need A Law Firm To Do Debt Relief These Days?

Fairly recently I have been listening to businesses that are telling individuals who are seeking debt consolidation programs, that you must now have a law office to manage your situation. They say that it is currently illegal for businesses that are not attorneys to do debt consolidation.

This isn’t really accurate. The dilemma is that with businesses, for example these attorneys, that ask for upfront fees for their expertise. Virtually all lawyers will charge their customers as much as a thousand dollars for a retainer. In addition to that they usually also charge up to eighty dollars per month for their legal counsel.

Let’s look at this. You’re retaining the services of a law firm. That appears great! Now what specifically are you retaining them to perform? Well should you go through their contracts you’re keeping the firm for the purposes of negotiating your debt. Last time I looked there wasn’t any lawful papers necessary to do that, no courtroom hearings. Actually there’s no need for a lawyer or perhaps a paralegal what so ever to just negotiate your debt.

Next like I said previously, you’re also having to pay a per month legal fee. What is that for? Well they’ll tell you they’re contacting your creditors informing them that they’re representing you. Well what they’re doing is just mailing them a power of attorney correspondence. This incidentally most collection companies file in the large circular file cabinet. Sending this letter won’t stop collection phone calls. Also, they do not tell you this, but they do not send this letter to everyone of your creditors. The reason for this is that quite a few creditors will immediately send your file to their legal division for a potential law suit if they obtain any such correspondence.

The only approach to get the phone calls to fully stop would be to deliver them a cease and desist letter informing them that you do not plan to pay them back the debt and that they’re to stop virtually all landline calls. You can imagine what this kind of correspondence will result in. Should you stop all potential ways the lender should assemble the cash directly from you, it’ll almost certainly trigger them to make use of the court system to get back some of their losses.
Also, a large number of lawyers are not even doing the job for you. You will find a number of pending law suits versus such attorneys declaring that every single aspect of the settlement tasks are getting carried out by non lawyer for profit businesses. Meaning you’re spending money on expertise of an attorney but an attorney isn’t actually supplying you any of those services.

At this moment let’s look at the way they demand their negotiation charges. The majority of lawyers will charge you a flat rate of fifteen to twenty % of one’s entire debt quantity. This fee is distributed throughout the first year or two payments you’re making. Meaning you’re paying the law firm for services that they have not even completed. Also if you’re paying them a flat fee, where is their incentive to settle for the lowest amount?

Now in line with the FTC’s ruling set up on October 27th a law firm cannot demand any advance charges unless the consumer has a one on one meeting with the attorney that would be managing the outcome. This doesn’t mean that you walk into an office building, shake hands with an attorney, then have a paralegal hand you papers to sign. This meant that the specific attorney that you talked with, would go over the important points of the program together with you at that period. And that attorney would be the person who would be managing your case. This is simply not how these settlement lawyers operate.

As for the declaration that only a law firm can provide debt consolidation programs . Well that’s not exactly accurate. The Ftc ruling states is that a business providing credit card debt relief can’t ask for upfront fees for their expert services. It also states that they need to base their fees on their overall performance. This means they need to charge based upon just how much they’re able to save you.

Besides this being much better for the customer, it also provides that business a motivation to do the very best they are able to for you. The more money they are able to save you the more money they are able to earn. That is beneficial to both sides. Combine that with the reality that you do not pay for the services until the settlement has been achieved. This means that you are going to actually be able to save up far more money at a faster rate and get the debts repaid quicker.

I recommend you make contact with a debt analyst who is able to discuss with you all of your options to see which one is really best in your situation.