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How to Report Medicare Fraud

The largest area of fraud against the government is Medicare fraud. Approximately 10% of all bills submitted to Medicare are inflated or improper, which amounts to tens-of-billions of dollars each year. The government is asking you to help save the Medicare program by reporting Medicare fraud. In fact, the Department of Justice will pay you a reward of up to 25% of what it recovers if you follow its procedure for reporting Medicare fraud. This article explains how to report Medicare fraud and what to look for to spot Medicare fraud.

Because Medicare pays out $500 billion a year, even a small percentage of fraud amounts to a lot. Because it loses 10% a year to fraud, that amounts to $50 billion a year. Below are common ways doctors and hospitals are cheating Medicare.  You are eligible for a significant monetary reward if you report one of these types of Medicare fraud.

Examples of Medicare fraud by Hospitals and Doctors

Below are just a sampling of the ways hospitals and others health care providers cheat:

  • charging for tests, services or supplies not actually provided
  • falsely stating how many hours were spent (i.e. routinely adding 30 minutes)
  • charging for tests or services not really needed (i.e. routine ordering of blood work, frequently requesting a full panel of tests where only one or two are needed, or providing psychotherapy to people with Alzheimer disease)
  • lying about any work or service performed
  • upcoding (i.e. patient really has “bronchitis”, but Medicare is knowingly billed for treating “pneumonia”)
  • billing for unallowable or unreasonable costs of goods or services
  • billing for routine supplies (i.e. band aids, lubricants, irrigation solutions, gloves, slippers, prep kits, towels, monitors, humidifiers, oxygen [by the hour], anesthesia circuits, elbow or heel pads, mask, electrodes for ECG, and foam head rests)
  • charging incremental nursing services (i.e. IV starts, and stat or monitor charges)
  • unbundling services billed to Medicare (i.e. billing for individual tasks that really consist of one larger procedure)
  • receiving or paying kickbacks for client referrals or to use particular products
  • claiming ambulance costs for routine or non emergency travel
  • using unskilled or unlicensed workers
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) cheating on number of days

Medicare Fraud by Drug Companies

Pharmaceutical companies cheat Medicare in three big ways, amounting to billions of dollars each year. First, they receive kickbacks from doctors and hospitals for referring patients. Second, drug companies promote off-label uses for drugs other than what the FDA approved for its intended use. Third, by failing to follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) their drugs are considered adulterated.  (The FDA has strict requirements that apply to every drug manufacturer. Before a drug is approved, the pharmaceutical company must not only test the drug and prove its effectiveness, but it must establish and then strictly follow tight manufacturing procedures and controls.)

How to report Medicare fraud

The Department of Justice pays huge monetary rewards under the False Claims Act for reporting Medicare fraud. It pays up to 25% of what it recovers based upon your report of fraud, which amounts to millions of dollars. However, knowing how to report Medicare fraud is just as important as knowing about Medicare fraud. For instance, you must use an attorney to file for a monetary reward under the False Claims Act. You must also follow the government’s strict procedures for applying for a Department of Justice reward. But it can be worth the effort because the average reward for Medicare and Medicaid fraud is close to $1 million, and rewards have been as high as $100 million. It is time for you to learn how to report Medicare fraud.

Joel Hesch spent 15 years as an attorney in the Fraud Division of the Department of Justice (1990-2006) administering the national whistleblower reward program. He is the author of a recent book, Whistleblowing: A Guide to Government Reward Programs (How to Collect Millions of Dollars for Reporting Fraud). He is currently a law school professor at Liberty University and represents whistleblowers filing for monetary rewards for reporting fraud. Please visit his informative website,, which contains up to the minute updates on government reward programs.

Dollar Sickness

Dollar sickness

To all; how sick is the Dollar? All you need to do is look at the action
since last Friday when the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. For as
long as I have been in business (1983) whenever ANY disaster struck
whether natural, man made or financial the Dollar would rally, not this
time though. On Monday the Dollar briefly traded over the 77 level and
is now in the process of taking out support in the low 76’s, in fact it
is right now under 76. Do you wonder why? Read this
and understand that Congress is nothing more than a bad bad joke. They
are “debating” budget cuts of $6 Billion while the very same day the
outstanding debt jumped $72 Billion. In other words, Treasury debt
jumped in one day 12 times the amount that these Bozos are fighting over
cutting for the next year!

Do you see the problem? Apparently the FOREX markets finally are, this
is why even in the face of disaster the Dollar is not catching any bid.
The bottom line is that financially we are completely over the edge, in
other words WE ARE BANKRUPT plain and simple. Oh yes before I forget,
the very next story on is one where Treasury
secretary Geithner is asking Congress for MORE debt! “Raise the debt
ceiling” he says otherwise the U.S. will default which will be
Does he not understand what he is saying (I am sure he does), if the
U.S. cannot borrow more then we are broke? Does this make any sense?
Isn’t this the thought process of every single bankrupt entity or
individual just before they “declare”? “If I could only borrow more I
won’t have to file (admit) bankruptcy”. It is astonishing to me that
markets have allowed this “dead beat” borrower to get as far down the
line and as deeply underwater as we are!

I checked the price Gold and metals last night as stories were surfacing
that the reactors in Japan were getting closer to complete meltdown, to
my LACK of surprise they were down pretty hard of course. Think about
this, without a doubt Gold and Silver ARE THE SAFEST CURRENCIES ON THE
PLANET. Don’t take my word for it, just look at a 10 year chart, hell,
look at a 5,000 year chart! (actually you cannot because there is no
other currency to measure Gold against that has lasted more than a human
lifetime) So fear is running pretty high, the Dollar cannot hurdle over
a flea yet in the access hours the metals get slaughtered AGAIN? Sorry I
have to call BULLSHIT! on this. The only entities selling Gold or Silver
right now are those that HAVE to to raise money to meet margin calls.
And how many of these entities are selling actual, real, touchable Gold?

Yes I know it is broken record time, the last few days have been all
about PAPER SALES of Gold. The tail wagging the dog so to speak. This
week’s sellers of Gold might as well be trading “air” contracts because
that is all they represent, clean, breathable and free air trapped
inside empty vaults! We have lived through many crisis’ over the years
where the “fear level” elevated but never ever reached critical mass
where the fear was unbridled and total. I believe that once the lid
blows off the paper metals game, fear unlike anything we have seen in
our lifetimes will arise.

But who cares about the metals you ask? I really believe you will be
surprised because the average person still believes that the central
banks have Gold in their vaults that backs currencies. No way you say?
No one could be this uninformed or stupid? Just go out on the street and
ask 10 people what gives their local currency value and I bet 5-6 will
tell you GOLD! I know because I have done this, I have asked Americans,
Costa Ricans and recently Brazilians and always more than half tell me
that Gold is the foundation! What do you suppose will happen when the
common man gets clued in to what has really happened over the last 40
years? In a single word…FEAR! Pure unadulterated raw FEAR! Think of it
like this, lightbulbs will go on all over the world “oh my God, I am
broke, I have nothing”! THIS is fear and THIS is why no one can place
any $ price on Gold’s upside because so much ($ Trillions?, $
Quadrillions?) will chase Gold, REAL gold!

Greed will have very little to do with what is coming and this emotion
will be felt only by those with previous positions, FEAR is what will
drive Gold higher. Fear of survival, fear for financial lives, fear of
being shut out of the new financial system. I write about fear today
because it is where I believe we are headed and would like to remind you
that there is NO EMOTION greater than fear. NONE! Don’t let yourself be
one of the future fearful! Buy real Gold and protect your online footprint
by using offshore proxies (SSH or VPN) from

PayBox – A GreenZap Scam Done Over?

Please read this post if you ARE DOING, or PLAN TO BE DOING, do business with An ounce of prevention is better than the grief and loss a cure could bring.

“The Facts”

First of all, according to ICANN and WHOIS, the website was purchased in August of this year (4 months ago) and all info is hidden from view. Hmm.

Second of all, in those 4 months, a brand new website…BRAND NEW….climbs up to 961 in Alexa’s ranking. Hmm..

Thirdly, do you think that the SEC won’t have something to say about a ‘currency that is completely ungoverned’?

Come on, guys. I really get tired of good people getting their hopes up, only to be brought down by another foreign entity trying to take over. So, in all my research and professional research, this is what I have been able to ascertain:

1) You are given a ‘virtual bonus’ daily to log into your account and visit various pages. This is a marketing promo and search engine “pusher”, per se, as you are simply boosting return visitors to their website, bringing new visitors, etc…by the time they launch whatever it is they plan to launch, it doesn’t matter WHAT they launch…you merely increased their invisibility in the eyes of Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoobot, etc..they could launch a full-service NOTHING and get 1st page search recognition – empowered by US suckers.

2) There is no contact info at all. Even in ICANN (info registered to WHOISguard) Any company that plans to be a presence should have some means to contact them (email, phone, etc). Come on.

3) They are getting votes right now for places to spend your money. Ok, that is great. However, please take note: most merchants are not going to come on board with a currency system that has no equal exchange value. The ‘big guys’ – Amazon, Paypal, Dell, etc. already are well enough implanted to do as they will – in terms of accepting payments – we already love them!

Please read between the lines and report this company. Empowering evil into the stream of an honest business structure that you may want to have is not a great start to said venture. And, as I have seen, a company that is a ‘ghost’ is not a company that I would endeavour to do any business with.

“Can You Say GREENZAP?”

Here is an exerpt from a forum that I have been reading on Paybox:

“Next, this is eerily similar to a program called Greenzap which some of you may remember. While Greenzap had some differences like ‘webcash’ was used instead of dollars and you only received $25 for signing up instead of $50 if you look at the discussion on this several year old forum you’ll notice you could replace the word ‘Greenzap’ with ‘PayBox’ and have it fit seamlessly. The Greenzap scam came to fruition when people began to realize that the webcash was not accepted at online retailers and thus had no value. The fact that it is difficult to determine who exactly is behind is troublesome, since it makes it difficult to connect it to other scams or even legitimate companies.”

So please, if you have anything to do with a payment processor – make sure you can contact them, and NEVER, NEVER dole out personal info to a renegade website merely trying to gain exposure. If you are currently engaged with them, I would simply back out now. Consider that educated, friendly advice.

More reads, employment and resources can be found conveniently at; our blog is feature rich and growing.

Fraud Investigation – How it Affects Business Practice

Having a Fraud investigation launched against a business is a serious problem. With a clear understanding of what fraud is, it is much easier to do business in an ethical and honest way. Also with such an understanding, it will be easier for a business to understand when it’s being defrauded. A simple definition of fraud is the intentional deception of an individual or company, for personal gain. While the specific laws regarding fraud vary depending on the country, deception is the common element in all of them.

In the case of bankruptcy fraud, a fraud investigation could be launched if there is a chance that some of the company’s assets were hidden from the court. While a business is going through the bankruptcy process, all of the business’s assets need to be listed out clearly, so that the business’s net worth can be determined. This is regardless of whether or not the company actually believes that the asset is of any real value. Generally with bankruptcy fraud, a Fraud investigation is launched when there are indicators that the assets of the company have not been fully disclosed.

Another issue that would warrant a fraud investigation would be fraudulent billing. Fraudulent billing is the billing for goods whether the debtor has actually shown an obligation to pay. An investigation can be launched if, upon request, a business cannot provide records stating that a specific individual or business is liable for the debt they are being billed for.

Tax fraud is one of the most common forms of fraud that could warrant a Fraud investigation be brought against a business. Businesses often consult with tax professionals in order to minimize their tax liability, this is commonly called tax avoidance and is far from illegal. But when a company specifically sets out not to pay their taxes by utilizing illegal means, it is classified as tax fraud and warrants a Fraud investigation.  

Another action that might bring about a fraud investigation would be what is called false advertising. Advertising has the power to persuade many individuals into believing even the most wildest of claims. It is because of this power that many countries have instituted laws that required for advertisers to be as truthful as possible when advertising their products. If a business were to purposely misrepresent their products in their advertisements to their consumers, this would be false advertising and might bring about a fraud investigation.

Fraud is a crime, and with all things of a criminal nature should be taken seriously. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain all of the kinds of fraud that exist, so before taking any action that could be deemed unethical, seek competent legal advice. It is much better to consult with a professional and then it is to undergo a fraud investigation. Doing business is hard enough, why make it any harder than it has to be?

Fraud is a crime, and with all things of a criminal nature should be taken seriously. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain all of the kinds of fraud that exist, so before taking any action that could be deemed unethical, seek competent legal advice. It is much better to consult with a professional and then it is to undergo a . Doing business is hard enough, why make it any harder than it has to be?

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On 1st December 2010 two honorable judges of Supreme Court of India Mr. J.S.Singhvi and Mr. A.K.Ganguly commented on a ruling as corruption in India is spreaded across us like the deadliest disease cancer. It is more contaminated then the contaminated water of river Ganga. Citing a scam of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Orissa both of them criticized the union government of not taking any steps to prevent this type of huge corruption. In Orissa 74% of the total money sanctioned in this scheme had digested illegally by corrupt leaders, beaurocrats and officials.

Let’s have a look on the various scams of the largest democracy of world. The hottest and recent scam is 2G spectrum scam where the amount involved is above 1,76,000 crores of rupees. 85 Licensed companies including Mittal, Tata, Ambani and many more involved in this spectrum issue. It is very unfortunate that one of the corporate industrialists commented publicly that the political parties are likely their own shops. Corporate lobbyist Nira Radia’s annual income is more than 200 crores by simply doing a job of middle man ship (dalali). It is out of imagination that the amount of loss in 2G spectrum involved is more than one lakh seventy six thousand crores of rupees. In a poor country like India this amount can be utilized for a budget up to twenty years without any taxes, New employment up to 20 crores can be generated, Every village of India can be connected by a four lane road, Every Panchayat can have a doctor, every unemployed youth of this country can get a monthly stipend of two thousand rupees for the next twenty five years, more than fifty thousand small and middle size water irrigation projects can be made with this amount.

The mine scam in only Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka goes beyond one lakh crores of rupees. One hundred eighteen companies looted seventy thousand crores from Orissa’s mines. This amount can be utilized for the budget of the state five year plan. The scam amount in Uttar Pradesh in various government schemes like mid day meal scheme, total rural employment scheme is above two lakh crores of rupees. The food grains supposed for the BPL families are transported to Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and South Africa by illegal means. According to Economics if the number of rich people increases than the number of poor should decrease. In India the number of poor also increasing with the increase of rich people. In the last decade the number of BPL families has increased to twenty lakh in Orissa. One of the director of Swiss Bank commented that the deposited amount of Indian’s in Swiss Bank is above 30,00000 crores rupees. Other says it is above 1,30,00000 crores of rupees. According to Economist Dev kar 28, 00000 crores of rupees have been diverted to other countries from India in between 1948 to 2008. After 2009 this amount is above 4,00000 crores of rupees per annum.

What we can expect in a country where the politicians, beaurocrats, journalists, public sector officials, contractors, govt. employees starting from top to bottom are addicted with deadly disease of corruption. According to the 2009 report of transparency international in the list of 180 corrupted countries India’s number was 84. In 2010 the number comes down to 87. India is in the list of twenty most corrupted country in the world. In India if anyone can do corruption nicely then instead of jail he/she is a suitable candidate to go to the Indian parliament.  Out of 546 members of Parliament more than 200 members have a criminal record from all the political parties. From 2003 United Nation has passed a resolution as Convention against Corruption. According to this convention any countries who have signed this resolution have an authority to blacklist or withdraw the amount deposited by its own citizens illegally on a foreign Bank. But after seven years of implementation of this convention India has not signed yet.

Now in India the total population can be categorized into two such as Aam Aadmi (common man) and another one is Scam Aadmi (corrupted). From the first category 50% are illiterate, 75% are poor. They don’t have the capability to do any corruption. The second category Scam Aadmi belongs to all literate, powerful and a high position in the society. In India the number of cases registered per day in the office of Chief Vigilance Commissioner is nearly 70 and the figure in annum is near about 25550. According to the report of World Bank the Bribe amount involved for very small works of the common citizens in India is more than 22000 crores of rupees per annum. Now the political parties are not depending on the donations of its members for their functioning. Corporate sector is providing the necessary funds to all the political parties to buy the votes.

In India the biggest argument in support of liberalization was that after implementation there will be an end of Cota, Permit, License and Contract raj (rule). Corruption and illegal activity of black money will be minimized. But in reality before liberalization the amount involved in Bofor’s scam was only 62 crores while after liberalization the amount of eight biggest scams is above six lakh crores. These scams include 133 crores of Urea scam, Live stock food scam 950 crores, Stock market scam 4000 crores, Satyam scam 7000 crores, Stamp paper scam 43000 crores, Orissa mine scam 70,000 crore , Common wealth Games scam 50,000 crores, 2G spectrum scam is 1,76,000 crores and food grain scam two lakh crores of rupees. From these above datas it is no doubt that India is the strongest candidate to have the scam capital of World. The above datas are from a article published by Oriya daily news paper Sambad. I congratulate Dr.Bhagban Prasad for his dedication by providing these figures in a nice article.

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