Fact Or Fiction: Obama Declares "Mission Accomplished" On Affordable Care Act

Fact or Fiction?

After a series of minor inconveniences like a website that wouldn’t work, millions of people losing their preferred coverage and many of the laws key components being postponed, the April 1st deadline for signing up for Obamacare has come and gone, and the President is in a celebratory mood.

Being wheeled in on a wheelchair to make a show of how so many more Americans now have access to healthcare, Obama declared an end to Major Signup Operations in healthcare.  He began his speech by saying “Today, we can all see the wisdom of operation insurance freedom.”

He then went on to say that the lack of availability of health insurance for so many in America was “like a weapon of mass destruction” to our economy, and that what the ACA brought forth was “regime change against the axis of evil of health insurers and pharmaceutical companies”

One reporter asked the President if perhaps the celebration was premature, since so much of the law has yet to go into effect, and nobody can say whether the new regime will in fact be better than the old one. Responding in that cute way that makes us forget so many of our other disappointments with him, Obama responded by saying “don’t be a party pooper.”

Source: Omid Malekan


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