Why Our Leaders Need to Become Statesmen

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Are any of the leaders at the heads of the Western world ‘statesmen’ in the true sense of the word? Do any of them, from Cameron, to Obama, via Merkel and Hollande have any idea what the definition of such an illustrious, historically-based politician means?

Statesmen are not just any old, run-of–the-mill, out-for-all-you-get folk that get elected to walk the corridors of power; those that don’t have the people at the heart of their worries or the center of the debate. Politicians are storytellers. They spin yarns and make people vote for them in the hope that things will change. But, they reap the benefits of what power procures for them. They are nothing more than fictitious enchanters that magic problems behind other problems so they are misinterpreted.

But, a statesman is everything that promotes public good. A statesman can be recognized for probity, for leadership, the qualities that are needed to govern a state. They are rare and few and far between today. Where have all the good statesmen gone? Are they incarnated in Bachar Al-Asad or Vladimir Putin? We criticize them for the dictatorial style of government, but they are perhaps honest enough to admit that they are not there for the common good of the people. That they have no decency; honesty or uprightness is not unvirtuous in their minds. The Obama’s and the Cameron’s of this world believe that they are statesmen; but are they really?

If they are there for the common good of the people, then let them give up all the trappings of power that confer benefit on them. Let them become true statesmen!

There are few today in the world. But, if they lived more like the President of UruguayJosé “Pepe” Mujica, the 40th President of the country, then we might be better off.

• A modest house on a small rural estate near the capital. 
• A personal and private car: a Beetle. 
• Dressed simply, even when it comes to international events. 
• 90% of his salary is given to charities and associations. 
• One single police car at his residence to make sure his safety is ensured.

Yes, we are equal, but others have become more equal than others. This is usually accompanied by arrogance.

Hiding behind the fact that we have to have all the trappings and the trimmings of power because it provides a public image, is from another era. Look at the differing lifestyle of the President of the USA. Where did the notion of common good go, when they spend as if they were disconnected from reality?

Michele Obama arrived in Beijing on Thursday last week, with an entourage of 70 support staff. That’s some support! 
• The kids were brought along as well. 
• It’s like a family holiday with a coach load of servants following you. 
• Of course, five-star hotel, no less, at the hefty price of $8,400 per night. 
3,445 square feet of living space, kitchen, bar, (do the kids actually drink?), sauna, private gym, and butler on call 24 hours.
• It was too expensive for Biden when he was there and he had to stay at a cheaper hotel. 
• Biden’s trip cost some $384,479.19. How much will the Obama outing cost?
• 1, 345 room nights were reserved to deal with security and in preparation for Biden and we can suspect that Michele Obama will be ticking up an even greater sum. . 
• President Obama and the First Lady went to Africa in June 2013 and spent $100 million in costs.
• Michele Obama went to Ireland and spent $5 million for a two-day trip there. 
• Going to Nelson Mandela’s funeral cost $11 million. 
• President Obama spent $7,396,531.20 in flight expenses for 2013.
• That was only for three trips: to go on a vacation in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and California (to go on a TV show).

Come on politicians. Want to go into history and be remembered? I imagine that there will be nobody that actually does give their money away. There will be nobody that dresses simply. It’s not taking off your tie at theG8 (sorry, G7, now) that means that you become a hipster, with cool attitude to boot. How many will forego their safety.

They have constructed this world in which they have led us to believe that the threat is outside the nation. The threat is from within. It is at the top of the country.

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