Putin’s Peace Prize

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There are days when it seems that the Nobel Peace Prize should just go home and put their feet up, ask the home-help to make them a cuppa and to bath them and then they can be put to bed and tucked in. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has done some daft things in the past, like giving the European Union the 2012 prize when in actual fact it should never have had it since it cannot be given in to an entity or a group, but only to one individual and anyhow: since when did the EU actually stop (it starts, doesn’t it?) wars? Europe has based its peace on waging wars and maintains peace through simple sheer military force and nothing else in the past decades since World War II. Now, we discover that Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Admittedly, it was before they actually knew he was officially going (had gone?) into Ukraine, guns ablazing in true Yanky fashion to ‘blast the brains out of the baskets’.


There have never been so many candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Either that means they are having a hard time choosing who should be the winner of the SEK 8 million ($1.24 million) prize money or they are spoilt for choice in a peaceful world. There are 278 candidates and to boot there are 47 organizations for the 2014 prize. Having said that, they decided to meet on Tuesday this week to confirm the candidates. Do they read the newspapers, watch television even or do they know what is happening on their very doorstep? Did they see that Putin has been in Ukraine officially since the start of this week gung-hoing it? Putin did actually enter the Crimean region on February 22nd 2014 straight after President Viktor Yanukovich was ousted from power like a bad smell. Forgive me for saying, but the West and the East are currently hotting up and having a war of words for the moment on whether or not Putin can actually do something or not. Although, the Russian leader was actually very right when he said that it wasn’t the West that should be giving lessons to anybody about invasion and least of all the USA (the last bit was thought so loud you could hear it).

The Nobel Prize Committee stated that the reason they met on Tuesday was as follows: “Part of the purpose of the committee’s first meeting is to take into account recent events, and committee members try to anticipate what could be the potential developments in political hotspots”. Obviously the Siberian wind has been blowing over that hotspot for them to miss it. It’s not so much that Putin might have been nominated as a candidate as the reason why we allow the deceit, the imposture, the farcical waste of time at the Oslo Committee to continue dictating who they believe to be the best example of peace. The final list selected on Tuesday was narrowed down to between 25 and 40 candidates.


Anyhow, the National Security Agency also got nominated. Wow! They really did accept that? Still, we could say that they gave President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize too back in 2009. At the time he stated that he was ‘surprised’. We can confirm that we were too. Did a man really deserve to get given a prize, apparently for having done nothing, in the hope that it would encourage him to act peacefully? I’ll do almost anything if yougive me the prize first. So would most people. Would you want the National Security Agencygetting the Nobel Peace Prize? What for? Pray do tell!


The Nobel Peace Prize has been handed out since 1901. There are sad times when it is done for political reasons (are there any other sorts of times?). There are times when it is downright ridiculous, such as the 2012 prize for the European Union. We all know that most of the wars in the world have either been started for geopolitical, commercial, exploitation or colonization reasons by either the five permanent members of theSecurity Council of the United Nations or by the leading countries in the European Union. Europe never maintained peace in the world. It has participated in every single war and conflict that has ever taken place since the wonderful founding of the machinery that was meant to maintain peace.

The Committee

The five members of the Nobel Prize Committee are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting. It’s impossible for it not to be political. But, at least make us think that it is! One of those members is the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Another is a Public Affairs Advisor. The third is a lawyer and President of the Norwegian Bar Association. The fourth is the Senior Political Advisor to the Progress Party’s Parliamentary Group. The Last is a University Professor.

So, we have a whole array of what is absolutely impartial. Politics, Law, Public Advisory Sector and Academia. We certainly have every chance of gaining in impartiality.

Can you name a war in the world that hasn’t be started by one of the countries in the western world or that was actively participated in by them? So, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee could be just about as daft as they have always been and actually give Putin what they want. What’s more worrying is that Putin, wasn’t exactly Mr. Peace before he went into Ukraine!

But, maybe they should change the name. It’s not a Nobel Prize, but a NOVEL one. Very novel indeed.

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