Man Breaks Into Police Station, Beats Up, Hospitalizes Cops

It’s not that the US has a scarcity of bizarre everyday stories – it does not. It is just that sometimes you encounter something so surreal, warped and ridiculous, that even the stock “market” makes sense by comparison. Such as this.

From WNEP of Scranton.

A man is locked up in Luzerne County after breaking into city hall in Pittston. Police said Max Deangelo of Blakeslee smashed one of the glass doors to get into city hall. The Pittston Police Department is also located in the building.


Deangelo is also accused of kicking officers in the chest and face as they tried to arrest him. Deangelo and an officer were taken to the hospital for treatment.


Investigators have not said why Deangelo broke into the building.


Police said he is charged with burglary, aggravated assault, and more charges.


And now, back to the regularly scheduled, televised recovery.


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