What Do Heroin And Obamacare Have In Common?

Massachusetts State police have seized more than 1200 packets of heroin following a traffic stop in the town of Hatfield. CNN reports three people face charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession charges; but in an effort to distinguish their particular ‘brand’ of addictive chemical, the providers labeled the stash ‘Obamacare’. As the police note, “It’s just a branding so you can say if this brand is good or bad.” – we wonder which?

Via CNN,

What do heroin and Obamacare have in common?

Nothing — save for more than 1,200 packets of heroin that had the words “Obama Care” and “Kurt Cobain” printed in red on the packaging that Massachusetts State Police say they uncovered in a drug bust.

State police said the labels are nothing more than marketing ploys.

“It’s a branding by the particular drug dealer so when the drug gets out to the population, you know what it is,” said Police Lt. Daniel Richard. “It’s just a branding so you can say if this brand is good or bad. It’s like putting Pepsi or Coca-Cola on a bottle.”

Trooper Joseph Petty stopped a vehicle with four people in the Town of Hatfield on Friday morning after noticing the vehicle was committing several traffic violations.



“If you like your heroin, you can keep your heroin…”


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