Former U.S. President On Industrial Espionage: “We Shouldn’t Collect Economic Information Under The Pretext Of Security”

NSA Spying Isn’t Focused On Terrorism

The NSA and other government agencies have conducted industrial espionage for decades.

They’ve been spying all over the world, on allies as well as enemies.

This has zero to do with terrorism.

Even former president Bill Clinton says:

We shouldn’t collect economic information under the pretext of security.

Clinton previously <a href="” title=”said”>said:

We are on the verge of having the worst of all worlds: we’ll have no security and no .

And he’s not the only president to slam the NSA.

Jimmy Carter said that NSA spying on Americans meant that “America has no functioning democracy”.

Clinton’s VP – Al Gore – says it constitutes “crimes against the Constitution of the United States”. And even Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein is opposed to spying on allies.




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