Republicans Soar Above Democrats In National House Races

Judging by HuffPo’s latest polls, the current administration is going to need a bigger boat (of vote-garnering transfer payments) to stand a chance in 2014… or, of course, we see another epic fail in January when the debt-ceiling debacle rears its (mostly ignored by the stock market) head and once again the Republicans are painted into an awkwardly responsible corner. One thing is clear, the voters are becoming less ‘entrenched’ in their faith in hope-and-change (or more distracted from their dismal reality).


Chart: Huffington Post


However, since the Fed is truly in charge and since Washington merely does the bidding of Wall Street and corporate lobbyists, all this chart shows is that the public’s attention has once again been successfully diverted from the most important matters at hand, and a new, periodic scapegoat has been found.

And always remember, as we previously discussed in detail, their is only on game in town… lobbying…

The Greatest ROI Opportunity… Ever




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