Jeff Bezos Unveils Amazon PrimeAir – Drone Delivery

While the fundamentals continue to deteriorate, we are sure the idea of drone-based delivery (which fits with the 7500 drones the FAA expects within the next few years) will add a few multiple points to Amazon’s share price valuation. On a side note, with increasing awareness of the government’s surveillance, what better way for the NSA to keep an eye on everyone up close and personal (and to get an occasional invoice by the company that has made burning cash from operations into an art form).


The Amazon PrimeAir Drone…


Get a sneak peek of #PrimeAir. Future deliveries in under 30 mins by unmanned aerial vehicles

— Amazon (@amazon) December 2, 2013



In Action…


We suggest not buying fine glassware…


The flying machine already has its own twitter account – @AmazonDrone


— Amazon Drone (@AmazonDrone) December 2, 2013


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