You Either Believe In Magic Or You Believe In Math

While Santiago Capital’s Brent Johnson believes “anything is possible,” he warns “there’s a catch.” While it may be true for the individual (climb Everest, win a gold medal, walk on the moon), it is not true for the world at large because, as he so eloquently notes in this brief presentation, “the best thing we can learn from history is… that the world does not learn from history.” And there is indeed plenty that is occurring once again – in oh-so-predictable cycles – that we have seen time and time again… and apparently choose to ignore the conclusion. As Johnson concludes, “you either believe in magic, or you believe in math.”



Something here for everyone… 4th Turnings, Kondratieff Waves, Dalio’s beautiful deleveraging, the unsustainable nature of the current cycle and the pulling forward of our demand… “you either believe in magic… or you believe in math”



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