The Five Scenarios Of A Debt Ceiling Breach

With the possibility of a US government default growing day by day (1Y USA CDS rose 12bps today to 72bps) amid impasse after impasse in DC, Bloomberg’s Mike McKee looks at the five possible scenarios should the debt ceiling be breached (however unlikely and ridiculous some may appear).


From prioritization of payments to across-the-board cuts, 14th amendment interventions and delaying payments, McKee explains the process and implications of each. There are no good options left but we can’t help but get the sense the Republicans might just be playing a longer-game here to take us beyond the Democrats’ “red-line” of October 17th to highlight their fear-mongering (remember the shut-down devastation?) and potentially regain some election capital (in this increasingly twisted game of picking the worst of two evils).



As McKee also notes, it seems a growing number expect us to cross the red line and for the “market” to save the day… i.e. we see a major market crash on the 18th which finally sparks DC to action…


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