Chuck Schumer's "Bottom Line": Don't Hurt The Stocks

We commend Senator Schumer for being the first Senator to openly step up and admit that the worst case scenario in the whole Congressional 3D IMAX farce is not about keeping the economy afloat, is not about preserving jobs, but merely keeping the stock market at or near its all time highs:

  • Schumer Says He Worries About Monday Stock Drop on Default Risk. “This is playing with fire,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., tells reporters. Says he worried whether “the stock market will go down

For those confused, Schumer has merely admitted what the vast majority of the Senate, where two thirds are millionaires, and nearly half the House, think: don’t you dare let the manipulated precious, which at last check was just 1% below its all time Fed-balance sheet derived highs, drop.

And speaking of Chuck Schumer’s “bottom line“, here it is.

What is most pathetic is not that Schumer is just another corrupt, complicit muppet doing Wall Street’s bidding: everyone else in Congress is too (or would be if they had the opportunity). What is most pathetic is how cheaply he has sold himself: $514,840 in career “contributions” from Goldman is what Lloyd Blankfein calls Saturday lunch money.


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