Shut Down, Debt Ceiling Round Up: All The Latest News And Developments

Feel like you have missed any of today’s (non) developments in the week-long government shutdown debacle, or the countdown to the debt ceiling X-Date, which now is 10 days away (or 222 hours as dramatically inclined CNN helpfully points out), then this summary is for you. From Bloomberg:

  • President Obama calls on House Speaker John Boehner to vote today on “clean” CR to prove he doesn’t have votes to pass it, calls on Congress to raise debt limit next week
  • Obama backs Senate plan for 1-yr debt limit hike
  • White House National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling says a 2-3 week debt-limit extension is feasible, that Obama wants to set precedent of never negotiating when nation’s “full faith and credit” is on line
  • Treasury Sec. Lew says U.S. will lose its ability to borrow on Oct. 17th if Congress doesn’t act to raise debt limit
  • Lew set to testify before Senate Finance Cmte hearing on Oct. 10
  • Rep. Hoyer says as many as 160 Republicans in House think shutdown is irrational
  • Spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Boehner has a “credibility problem”
  • Boehner’s spokesman says govt shutdown is because “Democrats refuse to negotiate”
  • Sen. Schumer says he thinks Boehner will break with the Tea Party on the debt ceiling
  • House deal to avoid default may come as late as Oct. 21, Bloomberg Industries says
  • Reid says Boehner has votes to open govt
  • ABC News/Washington Post poll finds Republicans are losing ground in “shutdown blame game”

So now you know.


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