THE GaMe: J'aDouBoKeRRY…



Touch-Move Rule: J’adouboKerry

In serious play, if a player having the move touches one of their pieces as if having the intention of moving it, then the player must move it if it can be legally moved…If a player wishes to touch a piece with the intention of adjusting its position on a square, the player must first alert their opponent of their intention by saying J’adoube or “I adjust”.

There have been occasions in chess history when a player has uttered j’adoube after making a losing move in order to retract it, thus attempting to avoid the touch-move rule.

Such behaviour is regarded as cheating. The Yugoslav Grandmaster Milan Matulovi? was nicknamed “J’adoubovic” after such an incident.

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One of these Kings is a mess

He’s feeling a great deal of stress

He came with his pecker

To play the game checkers

But Putin is now playing chess

The Limerick King


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