The Week That Was: September 2nd – 6th 2013

Succinctly summarizing the positive and negative news, data, and market events of the week…


  1. Gold surges as COMEX shorts hit 7 month low
  2. In the new normal, pending war means precious metals and crude oil slide… lower
  3. Fed indicates that there is just too much housing demand, and too little workers… let’s take a look
  4. How the market was impacted by a week’s worth of war talk – Confusion is good
  5. Want $15 dollar fries with that? August non-mfg index surges to 58.6, highest since 2005
  6. Biggest initial claims beat in three months, however labor costs stagnate
  7. ECB leaves marginal lending rate unchanged at .5%
  8. JPY tested 100 again, as the UST curve flattens significantly
  9. NASDARK black-out odds surge
  10. WTI is expensive, which must be good for EBITDA right?
  11. What does he know? As he did with sub-prime in 2006-07, Dimon has JPM pulling out of student loans
  12. US 10yr breaks 3%, will this lead to a rotation to equities? We propose it may lead to a disorderly exit from risk to cash
  13. Ze bounce – totally normal move in SPX starting at 10am today



  1. Available for Sale Securities showing unrealized net losses at commercial banks
  2. The Rupee is collapsing
  3. Trade deficit widens to $39bn in July
  4. Goldman’s Stolper stopped out at a loss on EUR/GDP long… again
  5. Housing affordability plummets
  6. This indicator of economic activity has completely stalled
  7. Moar rhetoric required, as Euro bond spreads are blowing out
  8. Japanese stocks get hammered
  9. Careful with those Nobel Peace War plans, as China and Russia own 25% of all foreign owned Treasury Securities
  10. Stocks tumble on ugly August jobs data (psst, check July’s revision
  11. Record number of people out of labor force





(h/t @ZH_Crown)


And a little more color from Rodrigo Serrano (of RCS Investments)


Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: Sept. 2-6, 2013 by Rodrigo Serrano



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