Intelligence Report On Syrian Chemical Weapons To Be Released Tomorrow

Moments ago CBS reported that the much anticipated report “proving” that the as-Assad administration used the chemical weapones, will be made public tomorrow:

BREAKING. Sr administration official tells @MajorCBS intelligence report on purported Syrian chem weapons strike to be made public tomorrow

— Charlie Kaye (@CharlieKayeCBS) August 29, 2013

Then again, courtesy of the NYT, we already know what it will contain:

The White House is to present its case for military action against Syria to Congressional leaders on Thursday night. Administration officials assert that the intelligence will show that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad carried out the chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus.


The intelligence does not tie Mr. Assad directly to the attack, officials briefed on the presentation said, but the administration believes that it has enough evidence to carry out a limited strike that would deter the Syrian government from using these weapons again.


One central piece of the White House intelligence, officials say, is an intercepted telephone call from a Syrian commander who seems to suggest that the chemical attack was more devastating than intended. “It sounds like he thinks this was a small operation that got out of control,” one intelligence official said Thursday.

The term “intelligence” is used loosely.


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