O.J.Simpson Homeless? JPMorgan Finally Forecloses After 3 Years

Murder (acquitted), armed robbery (convicted), kidnapping (convicted), and now foreclosure… It really hasn’t been a good decade (or two) for O.J. Simpson. As NYPost reports, after 3 years of non-payment, none other than JPMorgan will foreclose on Simpson’s 4,233 square feet, four-bedroom home in Florida. Still, he won’t be entirely homeless, he has a ‘big house’ to share with a few ‘friends’ for the next 33 years…


Via NY Post,

A bank has foreclosed on the South Florida mansion O.J. Simpson, who won’t have a home when he gets out of a Nevada prison.


A Miami-Dade County judge last week agreed with JPMorgan Chase, ruling that $660,982 in principal on the disgraced grid great’s mortgage hadn’t been paid in more than three years and that four years of taxes were also owed.


Simpson’s 4,233-square-foot house will be up for an online auction on Oct. 29.


The Heisman Trophy winner had bought the four-bedroom pad in 2000.


Simpson is doing time at the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada for the 2007 armed robbery of two sports-memorabilia collectors he believed had possessions of his.


He was sentenced to 33 years behind bars.


The Juice has been a model prisoner, and the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners ruled this summer he could apply for freedom in 2017.


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