Gold Slamdown Deja Vu

It appears Mikael Charoze (remember him from the list of “people bringing you your daily does of ‘currency manipulation'”), who once upon a time worked in Basel, and is now in HK, is bright and early in the BIS’ Hong Kong office delivering the daily dose of “sell” to gold futures markets everywhere.

Recall his profile (before it was edited for “political correctness“)


As JPY strengthens on risk-aversion among the carry crowd, Gold spiked up to its highest since June 7th (at $1,407.42), but that level cannot stand, and certainly not the upward price momentum, so it was smashed back down in an almost perfect replay of last night’s “action” back under the all-important $1400.


Still doubt that Mikael is having a fun time? Here is his BBG profile (green means busy clicking away at his desk), but perhaps most telling is his date of birth.

Joke’s on all of us.

And another question: how long until Mikael follows Kevin Henry in converting his BBG profile to “gray” status. The countdown is now on.

Hi Mikael 🙂

* * *

10 minutes later:

Well that didn’t take long…


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