Gold, Crude Spike On Pre-War Jitters

Events over the past 48 hours have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the US may have the most confused, conflicting foreign policy of any western nation, on one hand banging the populist drums and demanding loudly that Syria allow UN inspectors, while on the other demanding even louder that no inspectors be allowed because they won’t find anything. And while the US population has already spoken, with those who are against a US intervention outnumbering the false flag warmongers by a ratio of over 6 to 1, it is the market that is speaking even louder following the start of premarket trading on Sunday night with both key hard assets, gold and crude, spiking in early trading.





Of course, this move will be nothing in comparison to what will happen tomorrow (or any time over the next few weeks or months) if vacuum tubes emerge from their boot up sequence to news that LHD 3 Kearsarge has launched a cruise missile onslaught on Damascus without a prior blessing by Putin.


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