Japan Raises Severity Of Latest (And Greatest) Leak To Level 3

Earlier today, when we reported on the latest, and to date largest reported leak at Fukushima, one of roughly 300 tons, we mocked the government’s response when we said “don’t panic: here comes the Japanese government to designate the leak as a trivial, “Level 1” incident on an 8 level scale. But at least finally the JNRA admitted the ongoing problems at the supposedly “contained” disaster site. On the other hand, what it would take for Japan to admit to a Level 8 emergency? Perhaps a Fukushimanado.” Well, the JNRA may have been insulted by out mockery as moments ago Reuters reported that Japan has raised the severity of the leak to Level 3 on the International Scale.

FLASH: Japan raises severity of latest Fukushima leak to level 3 (“serious” radiation “incident”) on international scale

— Reuters India (@ReutersIndia) August 21, 2013

Still: don’t panic: there are five more levels of severity. The real Fukushimanado is still pending…


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