Spanish Bad Loans Re-Spike To 50-Year High

The surge in Spanish (in fact broadly European) equity and bond markets of the last few weeks has been suspiciously one-way and based (seemingly) on the hopes-and-dreams of the world’s liquidity-based marginal investor finding another new normal momentum ‘clean shirt’ to pile into. However, despite the uptick in some data in Europe, the structural problems remain entirely unfixed and nowhere is that more evident than in the chart below. As European stock and bond markets suffer their worst 2 days in 2 months, Spanish bad loans (after a very brief pause in the exponential surge that also provided hope that the worst was over) have re-surged to a new all-time record high. At 11.61% of total lending, bad loans are now at their highest since records began in 1962.



of course, there has been some ‘celebration’ among Rajoy and his cohorts-in-scandal that the unemployment rate dropped most recently…


You decide who you think is lying?


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