Wednesday Humor: Kevin Henry, Moonlighter?

We all know where Kevin Henry spends the hours from 9:30 am until 4 pm (and on various emergency situations, 24 hours per day): thanks to LinkedIn, we know that the Senior Trader/Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, can be found supervising the “restore confidence” button of the most important trading desk in the world, that located on the 9th floor of 33 Liberty Street in downtown New York. For it is K-Hen and his vigilance that allows so many “investors” to forget the dreariness of fundamentals, to ignore the reality of newsflow, and to not lose sleep over the unexpected, and to simply BTFD, or rather, B whatever and whenever Kevin is B‘ing. But, courtesy of @Not_Jim_Cramer‘s sharp vision, a question arises – does K-Hen moonlight, in what little non-BTFD time he may have, on other Fed-sponsored, LinkedIn ventures, such as the following? Inquiring minds want to know, although regardless of the answer at least K-Hen managed to “find a career.”


But on a more serious note, and since we are speaking about the world’s most important and shrouded in complete secrecy trading floor, we wonder just where it is that all these LinkedIn-listed, Fed-employed traders (and not just traders, but Senior traders) moonlight in their spare time?

Mark Cabana (formerly at Lehman and Tudor, bond trader)


Ian Gordon (formerly at BNP, FX trader)


Sean Savage (formerly Merill Lynch, JPMorgan, Bank of America, equity)


Kevin McNeil (formerly Merrill Lynch, Rates, Credit trader)


Glenn Haberbush (formerly Mizuho)


Peggy O. Kauh (formerly Bear)


Lara G. (formerly Citi)


Cindy Hull (formerly Putnam)


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