Julian Assange Warns Of The Global Awakening Against The Mainstream Media-ocracy

Submitted by Michael Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Readers by definition are ignorant. We read to quench our ignorance. Readers, in effect, are easy prey for newspapers and the people that own them. Newspapers have a knowledge advantage, an information asymmetry. They know what readers don’t know yet, but want to know. And so they can distort the news or even invent it.


– Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s character has been so dragged through the mud throughout the Western world, most people just assume they don’t like him or he is a “bad guy” simply as a result of this intense propaganda. Most people that claim to have an opinion on Assange, like so many other topics, haven’t actually done five minutes of work looking into it. My own opinion on Assange was really formulated after reading the 20,000 word interview conducted by Google’s Eric Schmidt of Julian in 2011. If you haven’t read it yet and don’t have time to go through the whole thing, I suggest checking out my summary of it here.

However, the primary purpose of this post is to highlight this 10 minute video in which Julian intelligently articulates the changing state of media and journalism, the early success of his Wikileaks political party, and the massive global awakening currently sweeping across the planet. Enjoy!



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