Obama Meets Security Advisors Over "Most Specific, Credible Terrorist Threat In Years"; US Forces On Alert

The time has come to remind Americans that “you can’t have 100-percent security and also have 100-percent and zero inconvenience” or, in other words, why only the government can provide a veil of impenetrable protection, and why such things as personal in an age of murderous Al Qaeda (the non-US funded variety, supposedly) terrorists lurking behind corners, are not only unnecessary but unpatriotic. According to CBS, the “terrorist threat prompting the U.S. government to close nearly two dozen embassies and consulates Sunday is the most specific, credible threat information in years” (even more credible than the Boston marathon bombers?) Specific but lacking the actual date, or timing, of an alleged “terrorist attack.” Information which, however, can not be shared with the general public for obvious reasons – just trust the government and ignore that spy drone peeking into your window to see if you are dutifully spending your daily quota of “confident consumer” fiat on Amazon.com. 

See: the NSA can be used for more than just tracking down when Steve Cohen bought and sold shares of XYZ on inside information – it will be used to “disprove the negative” absence of a terrorist attack, and thus validate the billions of dollars spent to keep General Keith Alexander’s secret army in place.

For all those concerned why the US escalated the terror threat to “scramble like a headless chicken” here is CBS with more:

Intelligence officers have reporting from a reliable source that a major plot is under way and that the team to carry it out has been selected and is in place, Miller reports. The specificity ends there.


What authorities don’t have is the date, the timing or the target of the attack, which is why they have taken such an approach to warning potential targets, Miller reports.

The theater is so elaborate, even Obama stepped away from the golf course:

President Barack Obama’s top national security advisers held a meeting on Saturday to discuss “a potential threat occurring in or emanating from the Arabian Peninsula,” the White House said.


“This afternoon, National Security Advisor (Susan) Rice chaired a meeting with the Principals Committee to further review the situation and follow-up actions,” the White House said in a statement, referring to the advisers group.


The president has received frequent briefings over the last week on all aspects of the potential threat and our preparedness measures,” it said.


Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel were among those who attended the meeting, the White House said.

Strangely, Goebbels was absent. Which is sad, because moments ago we just read the following:


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