The Visual History Of State Credit Ratings In The 21st Century

When Standard & Poors is not engaged in “Puffery” (a defense which admits “our entire business model is worthless“) it pretends to analyze credits and assign ratings, usually with both humorous and systematically catastrophic results. Just as it has done in the chart below. In the aftermath of the Detroit filing, one may be interested to see just how the rating agency, which had Greece rated at “A” months before the Eurozone’s bananaest-republic member had its first bailout, evaluated America’s various states since the start of the 21st century through 2012. Among the best: Florida. Worst: California. Michigan, whose main city just went bankrupt: AA-. And with countless cross-default provisions and collateral waterfalls upon a multi-notch downgrade, one can be certain that as reality finally comes to the muni space with roughly a 3 years delay, that this too will have a happy ending.

h/t @Cate_long


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