And Then The "Wheels Just Came Off"… Or The Perfect Metaphor For The US (And Chinese) Economy

Just when we thought we had run out of real-world comparisons for the current state of the US economy, here comes Southwest Airlines with a plane whose wheels literally just came off at Laguardia Airport.


— 911 Operator (@911BUFF) July 22, 2013

BREAKING PHOTO: Wheels just came off a Southwest flight at LaGuardia Airport – @BobbyAbtahi

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) July 22, 2013

Update: Minor injuries reported as Southwest airliner lands on nose at NY’s La Guardia; airport remains closed

— NBC News (@NBCNews) July 22, 2013

@SouthwestAir plane just emergency landed, pictures from the ground @weeddude

— Matthew Friedman (@mattjfriedman) July 22, 2013

A video of the hard landing (here’s looking at you too, China) that is rather humorous to all except those on the plane, those waiting to land or take off, or all those Americans involved with its symbolic analog: the US economy.

And now the mic goes to Southwest, to provide an outlook on its CapEx spending, or lack thereof:

Standby for more information regarding #Flight345 BNA-LGA. We are gathering details and will post a statement soon.

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) July 22, 2013

Finally, the story from NYC Aviation:

On Wednesday evening at about 5:45pm, a Southwest Boeing 737 apparently landed without its front landing gear at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. The aircraft, which landed on runway 4, can be seen with its nose gear either collapsed, or not at all lowered. It is still unclear whether the gear collapsed, or never dropped in the first place.


According to FlightAware flight tracking, Southwest 345 from Nashville did not circle before landing. Due to the short length of the runways at LGA, it would be surprising if the crew intentionally landed without nose gear. WABC in New York reports that there were three minor injuried, but that passengers did not evacuate.


At this time, LGA is closed to all arriving traffic.


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