The Week That Was: July 15th – 19th 2013

Succinctly summarizing the positive and negative news, data, and market events of the week…


  1. June’s Industrial Production in line with expectations
  2. The NAHB is hopeful for future sales
  3. If you strip out the inflation, CPI comes in line with June’s expectations
  4. BofA beats revenue and EPS, with a little help
  5. Weekly initial jobless claims drop
  6. ECB eases collateral rules, so banks can have even more cash to not lend
  7. Philly fed mfg survey goes batshit crazy in June, rises to 19.8
  8. Speaking of batshit crazy, the Dow and S&P are now at all time highs



  1. European car sales down 6.3% YoY in June
  2. Coke misses top line expectations, says weather to blame
  3. Fitch downgrades the EFSF
  4. Goldman unplugs Tesla, sends stock plummeting with $84 / share PT
  5.  Yahoo misses top line, guides lower
  6. Mortgage applications fall for 9th week out of 10, back to 2011 levels
  7. Housing starts miss big in June
  8. IBM, Intel, eBay all miss revenue expectations
  9. Detroit’s bankruptcy may mean a 90% loss to muni retirees
  10. China’s housing bubble re-inflates, which doesn’t line up well for new growth stimulus
  11. Google & Microsoft both miss top & bottom line – buy stawks



(h/t @ZH_Crown)


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