Prozac World: These Are The Most Stressed Out Countries

While anti-depressant use is surging in Sweden (up 1000% since 1980), bursting in Britain (up 495% since 1991), and up an astounding 400% since 1994 in the USA (with 1 in 10 on some kind of ‘prozac’), it is the poor-old Nigerians that should really be complaining. Based on seven variables, Bloomberg has scored 74 nations around the world for their “stressed-out” factor and finds the USA to be 54th (so stop whining and suck it up), Norway the least stressed-out of all and El Salvador and South Africa at the top with Nigeria (with the roiling Egyptians ranking 15th).

Bloomberg ranked countries based on the stressfulness of their living environments.


Seven equally weighted variables were considered:

  • Homicide rates – El Salvador and Venezuela were the worst
  • GDP per capita on a purchasing-power-parity basis -0 Blanladesh, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria were the lowest
  • Income inequality – South Africa and Colombia had the largest Gini Coefficient (with USA 20th worst)
  • Corruption perception – Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Nigeria are seen as most corrupt
  • Unemployment – Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia, and Spain have the highest unemployment
  • Urban air pollution – Mongolia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran are most polluted
  • Life expectancy – Nigeria, South Africa, and India have the lowest life expectancy


Source: Bloomberg


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