Even Coke is Having Problems

Even Coke is Having Problems

By Phil of Phil’s Stock World

KO disappointed.  7-15-2013_6-55-48_PM_gdp (1)

It’s not good when Coca-Cola misses revenues. It’s usually an indication that the consumer is really hurting. Net Income fell to $0.59 for the quarter, down from $0.61 last year but it was the 3% drop in Revenue that was surprisingly light, leading CEO Muhtar Kent (a straight-shooter – see my 2010 interview) to state he “was not happy with our performance.”  

The beverage maker cited “a challenging global macroeconomic environment” and bad weather for its performance.  

Rather than shorting KO, we’re shorting oil this morning and I sent out a tweet early this morning, identifying a shorting opportuntiy on /CL Oil Futures at $106.45 but we stopped out of those at $106.50 and now we’re looking at the $107 line as our next shorting target, waiting for the big drop we are fairly positive is going to come as we head into the NYMEX contract rollover next Monday. I’m not going to get into it again (see last few weeks of posts) but the bottom line is they have faked way too many orders for September and now they have just 5 sessions to cancel or roll 130,000 contracts, about 25,000 contracts per session and, yesterday, they only managed to get rid of 13,000 – that does not bode well for the NYMEX Fraudsters.  


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.42.36 PM


By next Monday, all but maybe 15,000 of those contract (1,000 barrels per contract) will disappear. This will create an artificial shortage of oil in August as no orders mean no deliveries and no deliveries mean inventories will be drawn down, whether demand is actually there or not. We’ll watch this crime in action this week as NYMEX Terrorists threaten our Nation’s energy security by tearing up oil contracts (that are already approved for delivery), choking off the supply of oil to our great nation and extorting Billions of excess Dollars from US Consumers at the pump, in the Airlines and to heat, cool and power their homes and businesses.  

As usual, our leaders will do nothing.  


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