GATA's Bill Murphy on the Manipulated Gold Drop and a Gold Manipulation Linkfest[er]

Spilled ink…spilled pixels…it’s time to spill some electromagnetic broadcast waves [and Comcast fiber photons] over the recent drop in gold price and just how exactly the global gold cartel operates.  And Bill Murphy of GATA begins by describing his oganization’s mission at 2:22 in:

We cover CFTC whistleblowers, BIS evidence of gold manipulation, the JP Morgan silver short, Andrew McGuire, Paper gold vs Physical gold, GLD vs SPROTT, Gold Leasing, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Central Bank gold leasing, Gibson’s paradox and that thing in your kitchen in which unwashed dishes collect.

And since we’re on the topic, we’ve put together this gold manipulation linkfest:

“Zero Hedge has recently presented several declassified documents from the pre-1971 “Nixon Shock” days, that endorse the case for gold as a major historical factor in US monetary and foreign policy, as demonstrated by State Department and CIA disclosure. Gold’s special status in policy and administrative decision-making was a direct factor in Nixon’s choice to abolish the gold reserve at a time of an exploding budget deficit.”

“Some who are reading this are likely having an eye-rolling moment because they hold a belief that there is no conspiracy to manage the price of gold. This is an interesting belief to hold because it runs heavily against the odds. It’s similar to holding the belief that the house in Vegas does not have a statistical advantage.”

“market prices of two different assets do not plunge in tandem by 1.2% within a matter of half-an-hour or so at precisely the same time and then gain everything back in the next two hours if their prices are set by free and fair markets.”

Powell warns about “paper gold” and says that we “try to persuade investors that if they are purchasing gold, they had better get real gold – metal. They should not get “paper gold” and keep it within the banking system.”

“What would you think if someone told you the following? ‘Three times this week, I am going to tell you the low price of gold with near perfect accuracy, and one of those three times, I am going to tell you events that will precede the low and the exact time that gold prices will crash.’”

See here: 2/26/13 Part 2 and here: 3/16/13 Part 3

“we believe quite a few other countries will follow in Germany’s footsteps for one very simple reason: suddenly the question of whether their gold is located at 33 Liberty, or just adjacent to it, in what we have learned is the de facto largest private gold vault in the world, located across the street 90 feet below 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, doesn’t appear to have a clear answer.”

Later in the show at 16:00, Justine Underhill…[click img]

…charts how corporate cronies game the tax system to report phony profits and other shenanigans.  Negative tax rates?  Why not.

Here’s how the “Citizens for Tax Justice & the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy” breaks it down:

Not that we’re begging for more taxes, but lets let former Treasury officials like John Samuels write a TurboTax program that could get even Timmaay off the hook.

Signing off (for today — we’ll be back with Jim Rickards tomorrow and explain why an investment in China might just not be),

Uncle Bob

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