Drunk Goldman Banker Knocked Out For Screaming Racial Slurs, In Serious Condition

As if the nation didn’t have enough racial tension on the line with the Zimmerman trial about to leave many people on either side of the gaping racial/social/political divide very angry any minute, now the bankers are involved. And not just any bankers, but apparently ones from that universally lauded incubator of central planners, Goldman Sachs.

According to the Post, “a drunken man was punched out and sent to a hospital in serious condition last night after he yelled racial epithets at a couple quietly eating at a West Village burrito shop, cops and witnesses said. The violence went down at about 5:50 p.m. outside the Benny’s Burrito on the Greenwich Avenue and Jane Street. A black couple was sitting outside the Mexican joint when an intoxicated white man stumbled into their table. Douglas Reddish, 25, who was eating with his girlfriend, tried to help him regain his balance, cops said, and the wait staff came over to shoo the table crasher away.

This nigger wants to fight me!” the belligerent man yelled, cops said.  

Reddish knocked him out with a blow to the face, authorities said. “He was out cold. I thought he was dead,” said Benny’s worker Robert Garcia.

A woman who spoke with the man before he was knocked out said he was upset over his wife leaving him and about his job at Goldman Sachs. But why would he be upset: has the market not been manipulated high enough to guarantee every banker in the US record high bonuses yet?  “I felt so bad,” she said. “He could hardly walk.” By all appearances, the Dow will have to hit 20,000 before Goldman bankers are no longer upset about their 7+ figure bonuses…

In the meantime, and as so often happens, the man who punched out the banker was promptly arrested:

When Reddish saw that the drunken man was bleeding profusely he fled the scene, leaving his girlfriend at the restaurant, cops said.


Police arrested him shortly after and charged him with assault for attacking the man, believed to be in his 30s.


The angry white man was taken to Beth Israel Hospital, authorities said.

Well, if Goldman and its employees are really desperate to antagonize society and split it not only along wealth lines (Jamie Dimon is already lapping most in that regard with his “That’s why i am richer than youcomment from several months ago), but add race to the mix, usually quite an explosive combination, then by all means keep on keeping on.


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