The Week That Was: June 24th – 28th 2013

Succinctly summarizing the positive and negative news, data, and market events of the week…


  1. May durable goods orders beat expectations
  2. Fed’s Open Mouth Operation helps lift equities
  3. Jon Corzine sued, however somehow only civil suit
  4. Gold dips below 1,200… good for stocks right?
  5. U.S. 7yr auction smoother than the 5yr
  6. Record bond fund redemptions mean the ‘Great Rotation’ has started right? Not so fast



  1. European stocks hit seven month lows, and their banks enter a bear market
  2. Shanghai Composite struggles as credit crunch continues to threaten
  3. 30yr Mortgage rate jumps, should help (un)affordability
  4. AAPL stocks, and bonds, struggle
  5. Japanese equities & gold get crushed
  6. U.S. 5yr auction prices at 1.484%, BTC dips to 2.45, below TTM
  7. Mortgage applications collapse
  8. U.S. Q1 GDP revised higher lower
  9. European household lending is flat out ugly
  10. U.K. disposable income drops in Q1




(h/t @ZH_Crown)


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