Goldman's End Of Day Recap, Or Crossing Into The Twilight Rabbit Hole Zone

When Goldman “explains” the intraday 150 point Dow Jones swing citing a “nouveau press” article, with the subsequent retraction of the same article (on Twitter, of all places) by its own author explaining the snapback, it is unclear if one must laugh, cry, or just lock the door on the way out.

From Goldman’s S&T desk:

The power of the press (and the nouveau press)! Following a very solid open, stocks maintain their early gains until FT Harding hits the tape with an article suggesting a signal from Bernanke this Wednesday that the taper was drawing near – in contrast to the more dovish Hilsenrath last week. Stocks drop nearly a percent. Then via Twitter Harding casts doubt on his own predictions and more than half of those losses are reversed. The price action just reinforces how important the FOMC Wednesday will be.

Meanwhile, on the other side:

… the great rotation awaits:

But at least the exit is in sight:

If you only zoom in….


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