Biggest Japanese IPO Of The Year Plunges; Stocks And JGBs Fading Fast

A smorgasbord of secondary Japanese data missed expectations this evening and while all appears relatively calm if you just look at USDJPY, it is anything but in the stock and bond markets which have both lost significant ground already. Nomura launched the largest IPO of the year (Nomura REIT) and it is down 4.8% out of the gate (at least they didn’t pull the ‘market conditions’ trick so many US companies fall back on) but the broad TOPIX index is down 2.4% and unable to find any dip-buyers to encourage. Financials (-3.4%) and Consumer stocks (-2.5%) are the worst with Utilities modestly bid (+0.3%) for now. JGBs were following the ‘open down, rally gently higher for the rest of the day’ pattern of the last three days but soon after the BoJ announced its buying program at 9ET, the selling escalated. All-in-all, it is more of the same from the US day-session but with JPY oddly quiet for now as the JGB market remains mildly out of control…



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