Santelli On How The Fed's Taper "David" Becomes A Global Deleveraging "Goliath"

On the two-year anniversary of our most in-depth explanation of how all stimulus globally is fungible, CNBC’s Rick Santelli took up the mission of explaining how the never-ending rush of global central bank provided liquidity flows any and everywhere fungibly around the world in an instant. Furthermore, as we explained to Rick’s colleague Mr. Liesman, not only is the stimulus fungible but it means all global leverage is ‘shared’, and available for use in any and every risk-asset-funding. In other words, as Rick so eloquently points out, thanks to the fungibility of stimulus, the speed of modern finance, and the shared leverage of global banks and hedge funds seeking (to enter and exit) the same leveraged carry trades wherever they are in the world, even a small ‘David’ of a Taper by the Fed is instantly transformed (3% swings in JPY, 800 point swings in Nikkei, 8bp ranges in IG credit, 10% drops in GGB prices, limit down breaks in European banks, 12% collapses in EM stocks) into a ‘Goliath’ of global deleveraging and, “you will hear a flush.”


Watch Rick’s clip and then visit the two links above to comprehend just how much leverage this stimulus is chasing (and is expecting)…



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