What's Wrong With This Picture?

There is something very wrong with this Bloomberg article screengrab.

Now, there are four distinct possibilities here:

  1. This is the quality of headline “reporting” we can expect out of Bloomberg now that the “client surveillance” function has been turned off.
  2. Bloomberg is cutting costs and is letting algos write headlines. And not just any algos, but those that have a 4 hours delay to real-time prices.
  3. Bloomberg’s editors are evaluating greener pastures, and instead of actually checking facts – not like fact-checked news are even relevant any more: after all CNN gets its breaking stories from Twitter – are making sure their slideshows of grumpy cats on bicycles targeting the “rest of us” media, are in pristine condition to bag that next Series XYZ preferred round-funded job.
  4. Pure dumb propaganda.

Whatever the case, the outcome is about as laughable as the US “capital markets”

h/t Mark


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