"Tax The Rich (More)?": Paul Krugman And Newt Gingrich Square Off – Live Webcast

The periodic Munk debate spectacle out of Canada is memorable for bringing together very flamboyant personalities, discussing very germane topics. The one that has just started has a topic of whether the rich should be taxed. More. Surely an issue that has seen its share of discussion in the US in the past year, so we hardly expect to learn anything new. What is most amusing, however, is that the debate tonight pits none other than Paul Krugman (and former Greek socialist leader and economic destructor extraordinaire George Papandreou, whose family incidentally was found with tax-evading Swiss accounts so brownie points for extra hypocricy) defending more tax hikes, and pitting Newt Gingrich and Arthur Laffer on the “don’t tax me bro” side. The result should be quite a memorable catfight.

From the Munk Debates:

Arguing for the resolution, be it resolved tax the rich (more), is Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist, Nobel Prize winner, and global authority on economic inequality. He will be joined by George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International and former prime minister of Greece.


Speaking against the resolution will be Newt Gingrich, recent candidate for the U.S. Republican nomination for President and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Gingrich will be joined by Arthur Laffer, a “founding father” of supply-side economics, and key economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

So, without further ado, here is millionaire Krugman vs millionaire Newt, debating whether it is “fair” for the rich to give “moar“.


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