IRS' Lois Lerner Put On Involuntary Paid Vacation

The IRS’ Lois Lerner may not be the most proficient when it comes to hiding years of alleged conservative group persecution, or subsequently pleading the fifth and avoiding self-incrimination in what she dubs is a perfectly legal misunderstanding even as she makes on the record statements defending her innocence, but when it comes to being put on “involuntary” paid leave, she shows private sector efficiency and results. According to Bloomberg, “Lerner is being replaced on an acting basis, the IRS said today. Lerner has been placed on paid administrative leave, said a Democratic aide who was informed of the decision. The move wasn’t voluntary, the aide said.” So whereas taxes paid by conservatives were being used to fund her witchhunt of other conservatives, going forward the government worker, who oddly enough is being replaced “despite having done nothing wrong”, will be paid to do nothing. Sound like a hole in one mission accomplished for this administration.

And who will be replacing Lerner?

The IRS announced that Ken Corbin, a deputy director in another division of the tax agency that processes individual and business returns, will be acting director of exempt organizations.


Corbin, who has been at the IRS since 1986, is a “proven leader during challenging times,” acting commissioner Danny Werfel wrote in a message to employees today.


“He has strong management experience inside the IRS handling a wide range of processing issues and compliance topics as well as taxpayer service areas,” Werfel wrote. “Combined with his track record of leading large work groups, these skills make him an ideal choice to help lead the Exempt Organizations area through this difficult period.”


Werfel became acting commissioner yesterday, assigned by President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew to come up with a strategy for improving the agency within 30 days.

So… they are shutting the IRS down?

As for Wefel, we hope he at least knows how to plead the fifth correctly in 2-4 years if/when he too is called to testify before Congress for auditing everyone who made over $100,000, or whatever passes for the definition of an “unfair fat cat” at a time when total US debt will be $22 trillion, when the Fed has been discredited, when rates are soaring, and when the USSA government has to commission the NSA to look deep inside every savings account – offshore and domestic – just to find whose money it will need to confiscate to pay its own apparatchiks first and foremost?


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