2013 – The Year Of The Non-G7 Rate Cut

Israel’s 25bp cut in its policy rate earlier in the week was the 514th reduction worldwide since June 2007 (and Serbia this morning the 515th). As Bloomberg’s Niraj Shah notes, Eastern European countries have made the biggest cuts this year as their economies struggle to grow. With the ECB’s cut taking its ‘real’ rate to -0.7%, Belarus has cut borrowing costs by an impressive 500bps in 2013 (more than any other central bank) followed by Poland and Hungary. As we noted last week, it seems the Einsteinian repetition of failed actions is not a fool’s errand, instead it appears the domain of the smartest people in the room – or simply fighting the hot money flow drivers with their own weapon (but as Bernanke told us – its not competitive devaluation if we all do it).



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