Financial Media – Relevantly Irrelevant

When I see all these Ivy League Fucks Geniuses and Pretty Faces (Men with greasy hairs and side partitions) on CNBC and other financial news outlets, the question I find asking myself is: Why the fuck am I even watching this? And the answer is simple: ENTERTAINMENT.

Trading is one of those stressful jobs that has the potential of driving a person Insane. So, one needs to take a step back and relax in order to preserve one’s sanity. What better way to relax than to watch sophisticated financial jokers on LIVE TV making a mockery of the whole financial apparatus. From news anchors to these alleged “Financial Analysts” (aka. People who pull a rabbit out of their ASS), the Financial Media has become a big fat joke where Billionaires bitch-slap each other on LIVE TV just to satisfy their Uber-Egos. The unofficial subsidiary of Comedy Central, CNBC, is on of my favorite channels in the sense that it provides its viewers nothing but pure un-adulterated ENTERTAINMENT. CNBC has everything: Pretty Ladies, Bald Dudes, Hairy Dudes, Ass Clowns, Midgets, and on top of all that, they have Jim Cramer. Ma man Cramer, is a fascinating character. The reason I like Cramer, is because he suffers from Selective Amnesia. Selective Amnesia is basically when someone recommends a Stock/Investment on LIVE TV and then when the trade goes against them, they completely forget ever recommending that Stock/Investment; in the process costing innocent and unaware viewers their hard earned money; all in the name of “Financial Journalism”.

I could go on for couple hundred pages, bitching about the Financial Media, but I would only be wasting my time and effort on something that is so Relevantly Irrelevant.



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