Ben Bernanke's eHarmony Profile

Ben Bernanke - Pic - 1

Name: Ben Joseph Bernanke

Nicknames: BenaddictedToPrinting, Benny In For A Penny, Homo Thug

Age: Out of Paper – Load MOAR Paper – 0101010101

Born: Great Depression

Religion: Keynesianity and Printalam

About Me:

I’m a selfish prick. A hot, rich, pampered intellectual with a big dick and a marathon tongue. I’m young enough to do it often and old enough to do it right. I don’t have time for petty drama or emotional hysterics. I do what I want, when I want.


  • I like to slice a papaya in half and stare at it for hours
  • I’m sexually aroused by war documentaries

What Am I Looking For In A Woman?

I’m looking for a woman that I can Print; wrap her around my D*ck and jerk-off for QEternity




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