The Israel Attacks Are Not Irrelevant

Via Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box,

“Force and fraud are in war the two cardinal virtues.”
            -Thomas Hobbes
At the center of any military campaign is the art of deception. In the military nothing is done without a strategy, generally planned well in advance, and the misdirection of the enemy is always part of any campaign. I have studied enough warfare to understand the concept and it is often some grand deceit, properly implemented, that lies at the heart of winning a battle.
“Israel may not believe in Judas Iscariot but they certainly know the story.”
                           -The Wizard
It would be a political disaster for Israel to attack Iran. We may begin our consideration with this premise. On the other hand, it would be politically acceptable for Israel to respond to any aggression that was inaugurated by Iran. Self-protection is always a respectable retort.
Israel cannot and will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons that can be delivered into the center of Tel Aviv. Iran, engaged in so many lies about its nuclear production that some divinity could not sort them out, continues to exhale its perjury. So to solve its problem Israel must find some way to call Iran out and get them to militarily invoke a crisis to which Israel can then respond. It seems to me that Israel has found its method in their attacks on Syria.
Syria has no capacity to effectively harm Israel. So, screaming in agony from the Israeli insult, they turn to Iran for help. Iran, governed by a delusional crowd, come rushing in to help Syria and instigates some sort of conflict with Israel. Then Israel, claiming that it has been attacked by both Syria and Iran responds and forcefully responds. So as part of the military campaign Israel blows up the nuclear facilities in Iran justified on the basis that they were attacked first. It will not be nice and it will not be pretty but I have a suspicion that Israel is setting up for this sort of confrontation.
Now outliers are funny things. They reside in a community with Black Swans and Pigs that fly. It is an Orwellian designed concept built and painted by Salvador Dali with additional construction provided by Escher. The civilized world rarely pays attention to these denizens because they almost never bother us. No need to make any allowance for these creatures if they are leaving us alone.
Occasionally though, if you have been on the playing field long enough, there is the odd whiff of rancid air that floats past your nostrils. It is missed by most and then dismissed by even the few that notice. Yet I can smell the air and I have stopped to follow the scent. I believe Israel is putting the ball into play and some appreciation, if not scheme, might be concocted now to protect what you have in a world that could be spun on its backside. It is not a surety and it is not readily apparent but Israel has now attacked Syria twice and so it is not the outlier either that the markets deign as irrelevant.
I will tell you; the Israeli attacks are not irrelevant.
“So may the outward shows be least themselves.
The world is still deceived with ornament.”
               -William Shakespeare


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